Modern keyboard largely refers to the working computer component rather than the musical instrument. The keyboard is an integral part of all present-day activities, including education, profession, and even leisure. With so much use of the keyboard, knowing a couple of shortcut keys is vital for time-saving and well, to make things easier.


Keyboard Shortcuts of Computer

Let’s start with the basic that’s present on every keyboard – the F keys or the Function keys. These are some of the easiest shortcut keys for all computer-related tasks.

F1 goes to Help

F2 Renames the selected object

F3 Finds all files

F4 Open the list of drop-down dialogs

F5 Refreshes the current window (You can skip right-clicking the page and simply click on F5)

F10 Activates the menu bar options

Apart from Function keys, CTRL and ALT buttons are also some of the keyboard shortcut keys one needs to know. The CTRL or Control key is ideal when you’re working on any document as it helps with several simple tasks. Some are listed below:

CTRL+A will Select the entire document/folder, and so on

CTRL+C will Copy the selected items

CTRL+X will Cut the selected items

CTRL+V will Paste the selected items in the selected place

CTRL+Z will Undo last activity

CTRL+B will change the font to Bold

CTRL+U will Underline the selected items

CTRL+I will change the font to Italics

ALT+TAB will cycle between the open windows

ALT+F4 quits the program and closes the current window

ALT+Enter opens the properties dialog box

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ALT+Space opens the system menu for the current window

Combination Shortcut Keys For Computer

Apart from the aforementioned shortcut keys, there are several more than combine two or more keys, mostly involving the CTRL, ALT, and Shift keys. Here are some listed below:

CTRL+ALT+Delete opens the task manager and allows you to reboot the computer

CTRL+Shift+Drag creates a shortcut folder

CTRL+Home moves to the top of the page/window, and so on

CTRL+End moves to the end of the page/window, and so on

Shift+Delete completely deletes and removes selected items, surpassing the recycle bin

CTRL+Esc opens the Start menu

CTRL+Tab moves through the property tab

The above-mentioned keyboard shortcut keys are pretty basic that could help you with all computer tasks. Apart from these, there are several other Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that one can use.