is a perfect online Cloud IT infrastructure rental service. Whose service lets you configure and deploy virtual servers, configure network circuits, order SSL certificates, administer domain zones and monitoring. Serverspace is that international cloud provider, offering automated virtual infrastructure deployment. Linux or Windows-based services are available from any location in the world in but 1 minute. Serverspace Company also provides affordable, cool, flexible cloud servers which are fast, secure and fault-tolerant cloud computing on-demand solutions. Which Deploy in 40 seconds. Serverspace Company is new in the US, but it has a great experience on other markets, and now we try to create a worldwide brand which you won’t want to miss.

Serverspace Company’s products include;


Cloud servers for developers, Flexible virtual machines, Virtual Private Cloud, Logically isolated network


Object Storage, S3-compatible scalable space, Block Storage, Expandable storage volumes


DNS, Free manage your DNS records, SSL, Certificates for providing security & privacy, Private Network, Secure connection between your VMs, Direct Connect, Dedicated network connection


API, Public API Serverspace, CLI, Serverspace Command-Line Interface, Monitoring: which enables you to track infrastructure availability.

Serverspace has indeed recorded huge success since their emergence, success which includes;

  1. Provision of cloud servers for study projects of FEFU students.

Serverspace and Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) announced their cooperation. Students of the FEFU School of Natural Sciences and School of Digital Economy will receive from Serverspace eight virtual servers for the unlimited 4 months used in study projects.

As per Ilya Yaskov, FEFU Deputy Provost on Development “provided virtual servers will allow rapid capacity testing of the products, verifying scalability of the projects and will ensure irreplaceable fieldwork experience.

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Tight cooperation of Serverspace and FEFU will help engage students in the development of real, market-demanded software products, also as launch IT start-ups.

  1. Supporting distance learning.

Serverspace works with higher education institutions. In 2020, because of pandemic lockdown, the corporate provided virtual infrastructure to the educational IT School at Perm State University and Saint-Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics, and Optics. Thus, Serverspace supported distance learning.

  1. Provision of Public API for Service Management.

Serverspace launched the Public API service. Thanks to it, the actions available within the control board can now be performed using the public API.

The procedure for working with the Serverspace API is traditional. First, authenticate using the API key. The project owner may generate it within the control board settings. When you create a key, you’ll assign attributes to that name, value, issue date, and expiration date. The key value must be passed with each request within the X-API-KEY header.

Among the functions are:

  • Viewing available operating systems, configurations, and locations for creating servers and networks;
  • Creating snapshots of servers. They can be structured, view details, and return the server to them;
  • Providing full or partial access to the infrastructure to other people to work together with networks, balance, servers, and others;
  • Creation and removal of cloud servers, disks, isolated networks, and network interfaces;
  • Viewing properties of elements of the cloud network infrastructure. It is possible to control their power supply and change the configuration.
  1. Launching of option to create flexible cloud server configurations.

Serverspace is launching the choice to make flexible cloud servers’ configurations. Where customers can choose the number of processor cores, the size of RAM, disk storage, and bandwidth for each cloud server, on their own. It is possible to change the server configuration. There aren’t any limits thereon, even though the server has already been created.

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The Serverspace service covers the needs of our product, the configuration is very easy and the bandwidth is excellent. I would definitely recommend it to all my clients.


First excellent service which they provide and had some inconveniences when manually restarting the server but for the rest all excellent at a magnificent pressure I appreciate the time they provide in solving the problems.