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Though there are tons of ways to make money online like; online business, blogging, selling services or courses, etc. However, anything related to online earning won’t be beneficial without traffic. The best way to get quality traffic to your website or any online platform is through SEO. It is the foundation of a successful online business.

Therefore, whether you are an owner of an online blog or a business, if you want to earn through an online platform, you must understand how SEO works. Following top tips to earn through SEO will convince you of its importance:

Starting SEO Business

If you are thinking that the success of your blog is the end of earning and you can’t make more money through SEO then you are wrong. Once your platform is a success, you can provide the services to others and look for clients. Many owners need SEO professionals to help them in generating more traffic to their platforms.

However, you must keep in mind that SEO is not for everyone. There is a load of work like maintaining good terms with clients, providing the best to them, management, etc. All of this takes time and effort.


If you love the idea of a fully-fledged SEO agency but it is too much for you, then you can be an SEO freelancer. Find a specific part of SEO that you are in love with, find clients, and offer your services. There are many great platforms for freelancers like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and many more.

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The best thing about freelancing is that you can do it as a part-time job. Instead of wasting free time on online shows and movies, one can provide services to others and earn.

Selling SEO Courses

Just like teaching online you can also create and sell SEO courses. With practice and experience, you may be a pro at it that doesn’t mean everyone else is a pro too. Your experience and knowledge might be helpful to several other people.

It is not essential to cover the whole of SEO in just one course. Take a single aspect of SEO, make a course about it and earn.

Working at SEO company or Agency

Many would like to walk away from working at an SEO agency. However, if you further want to polish your skills and get a large number of projects then working at an SEO agency will be the best option for you. As a freelancer, you will not get opportunities to work on larger projects.

Working at an agency will give you a chance to pick up new skills as well as go deep into the analytics of a website.

Selling Digital Products

It is not compulsory to sell physical products if you are not comfortable. You may sell digital products and save yourself from all the chaos of safe and on-time delivery. If you are thinking that an eBook is the only thing that comes under the digital products category, then you are wrong.

The previously mentioned methods are applicable when it comes to selling digital products. Apart from eBooks, you will find other products too, for example:

  • Adios
  • Photography
  • Online courses
  • Videos
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These are only a few tips showing you can easily earn through SEO marketing, whether you are a beginner for which freelancing is best or an expert who would like to work with expertise-level clients.