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Instagram is becoming the most favorite platform for not only fun-loving individuals but for marketers, business owners, and anyone who wants to earn online. You will find many influencers and content creators on Instagram.

The days are gone when it used to be limited to content and posts. With the era of influencers and influencer marketing, many more tools and useful features were added to the platform. With the addition of IGTV, reels, stories, and carousels, Instagram has become the number one choice for online marketers as it has provided a variety of options to reach out to the potential audience.

Following are a few top Instagram trends for 2022:

Instagram Shopping

Instagram being sellers’ favorite place to sell their items means its buyers’ favorite place to buy products they need. There are large numbers of communities of online sellers that rely on Instagram regarding their sales.

Due to the visual design of Instagram, it’s easy for any brand or seller to showcase their products. Moreover, it is easy to connect a seller or a buyer. Due to the increase in online shopping, more features were added to the platform so that people could easily be notified of their favorite brand’s offers. For example, direct product purchase through stories is a useful option,

With an entire community of online brands and sellers, you can say that\ in future, the online shopping through Instagram will only increase. It will become easier.

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Live Content

As people were stuck indoors due to a lockdown during the pandemic, they turned to social media and as a result, social media usage increased more than 60% in a single month. As researches show that humans can’t live alone, live content became another favorite thing for social media users.

According to a report, around 1 million Instagram users watch live content every day. This shows that live streaming will remain in trend even in the future. It is a great way to feel connected with the world and decreases the feeling of loneliness.

This has inspired all kinds of influencers and marketers to make it to the Explore tab so that they could showcase their products to a greater number of many who might be interested in their content.

Here are a few key points one must ponder upon:

Explore Tab

The addition of the Explore tab did wonders to the number of users as it has interesting content that is not yet well-known and users love it. Explore tab is a quick way to get to the interesting content.

a)                   Usage of correct Instagram hashtags.

b)                   Best time to post.

c)                   Addition of location if local followers want to reach out.

d)                   CTA for more engagement.

e)                   Interaction with the commenters.

Cross-platform Content

If you explore feeds on any platform, you will find native as well as cross-platform content like GIF, TikTok challenges, and more. Instagram has always amazed its users by adding new features and even letting them create the same type of content that users love to cross-post.

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With Facebook purchasing GIPHY and its addition to Instagram, we expect a further increase in GIF marketing.

Final Thoughts:

In the light of all the above-mentioned trendy features, it is safe to say that indeed, Instagram has a secure and bright future ahead.

We hope to see more features in the future, as Instagram cannot only keep old users on the platform by introducing interesting features for individuals as well as brands and businesses, but it also attracts more users day after day.