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If you love playing VR, try the Google Daydream headset to enjoy experiencing virtual reality with a wide variety of games and apps. With Google Daydream, nothing can stop you from exploring the world and floating in space, playing exciting games, and enjoying thousands of videos available at your service.

Read our article if you are curious about how its apps provide you with an amazing experience. Among the wide variety of apps available, we have brought you the top best Google Daydream apps to enhance your virtual reality experience. Let’s look into it.

Netflix VR

Who doesn’t love binge-watching movies? Google Daydream brings you your personal cinema with a wide variety of movies and shows. You can now hop lazily on your couch and watch your favorite shows by escaping into the virtual world.

Although it brings you a fantastic experience, watching for a long time may result in straining your eyes. Therefore, we suggest you don’t binge-watch whole seasons in one sitting.

Fulldrive VR

Want to earn some money by browsing the web? Fulldrive VR, a social VR platform on Daydream, allows you to browse the net to watch videos, listen to music, and chat with your friends. And by doing so, you can win money, bitcoin, etherum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Fulldrive VR features tons of exciting videos in different categories that you can stream in VR, 3D, 360-degree videos, YouTube videos, or view your own videos and images.

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Google Expedition

Google Expedition is for those people who love exploring the earth. With its excellent zooming feature, you can explore a variety of landscapes and environments across the world. Whatever terrain you choose, it highlights its essential points along with an audio clip to explain it. Whether you want to visit some archeological site or Niagara Falls, you name it and see the place with stunning 360-degree views.

Google Arts and Culture VR

The app Google Arts and Culture VR is for you if you love visiting museums. This Daydream App allows you to visit different museums worldwide with a few clicks. Here you can enjoy a detailed view of any work and hear audio clips to learn about them. You might even find this app better than actual visiting, as it gets you to the tiniest details up to every brushstroke you otherwise can’t get access to, even if you visit the place.

YouTube VR

Why use regular YouTube when you can access YouTube VR? This Daydream app gives you access to every feature the platform offers to you, regardless of regularly filmed content or VR.

You can browse a wide variety of videos from vloggers, your favorite shows, movies, or 360-degree views. However, if you face slow streaming, the quality of videos automatically drops down.

Relax VR

This app provides you with the best environments for meditation and relaxation for the meditation freaks. Who doesn’t like to relax on beaches, listen to the calming waves, or meditate in lush green mountains while listening to the chirping of birds?

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Now, you can have it all with Relax VR. With 360 videos of different virtual landscapes with soothing music and meditation technique audios, you can meditate and relax worldwide within the comfort of your home.


The virtual reality experience provided by these top best Google Daydream apps is the best to enjoy different landscapes, listen to music, and stream videos in 360 views.