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Nowadays, phones can be used for everything. When we say everything, it means everything. Phones can do pretty much anything, from finding recipes to finding the right partner through different platforms and looking into plans. The App Store perhaps offers a wide range of applications of all categories that you can install. 

So, you might be asking yourself. What apps do I need to install? If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you need to know which apps are best to install from the app store. We have made a list of the top apps from popular categories for iPhone and iPad users. Here are the best apps available for iPhones:


Instagram is the best social networking app where you can share pictures, enjoy different fun filters, take pictures, and chat and video call people. It has become a great platform to showcase your talents, interests, projects, or share moments of life like vacations, parties, or anything about you and everyday life. 

There is no need to feel any pressure to post if you do not like to share many photos because you can still enjoy the fun and interesting features of this app. You can follow your friends and family and see their photos and stories and meet new people online using this platform. 


Snapchat is the most trendy and interesting app these days. You can use this app to take a lot of photos using fun filters, talk to your friends, play games, and watch stories and shows. Doesn’t that sound fun and interesting? One thing about this platform that makes it different from other social media apps is its auto-delete feature in the chats, making it a one-on-one messaging app. 

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps. It lets you send and receive images, messages, voice notes, videos, and different stickers in the chats. It also allows you to share stories and share it with your contacts and make audio and video calls with your family and friends. 


Are you a food lover? If yes, then you will love this app. This app is basically like a recipe app. It allows you to search for any recipe easily. Whether you are veg, non-veg, or even vegan, you will find every type of recipe available on the go. Once you find the recipe for whatever dish you want, you will tap on the button to add the ingredients to the shopping list. One of the best apps to manage your kitchen and recipes. 

Uber Eats:

While we are talking about food, how can we forget the most amazing app that exists? Uber Eats the latest edition to the app store. If you have heard or used the Uber app before, you will pretty much understand how it works. This app takes orders and delivers ready-to-eat food to your doorstep.