According to Naguib Mahfouz,

“Science of paraphrasing is the language of the intellect of society, and art is the language of the entire human personality.”

 A paraphrase can simply be defined as a rewording or restatement of content such as paragraph or text to clarify or expand on information without plagiarizing & without disturbing the central theme of the material. 

It can be defined as a way of referencing a source without directly quoting it. By using Paraphrasing, writers are being allowed to examine the meaning of others’ work, creatively rephrase someone’s statements without changing the basic idea of the source content. It is an essential tool for students to accomplish many essays, lab reports, coursework, and other academic assignments regularly. It is commonly used in the writing of research papers, essays, and journalism.

The need for paraphrasing tools:

It is quite embarrassing for a student that the content such as an essay or academic assignment submitted to the teacher be discarded or rejected due to plagiarism. It reflects a copy of the same content written by someone else.

Still, if the student changes the words & defines the thoughts & ideas of the original writer in their own terms, which are slightly different from the author, then it will become unique. It clearly defines the concept of source content efficiently & more effectively.

Nowadays, it’s a common practice that most people, especially students, are using various free paraphrasing tools online.

They use these tools to perform the Paraphrasing with just one click within no time efficiently & effectively. Thus, a paraphrasing tool is a program that allows you to achieve Paraphrasing of any content with reduced time & fewer efforts.

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Rewording tool helps to save time as you don’t need to look for synonyms for every word in text on your own,” just paraphrase online.” You can avoid plagiarism successfully, taking no effort at all. These tools are designed in such a manner that they can quickly generate synonyms for different words of the actual content. Due to which the paraphrased content sounds different while reading & the actual meaning of the content remained constant.

Top 10 paraphrasing tools for academic writing:

There exist various numbers of online paraphrasing tools. But specifically, for academic writing following are top 10 paraphrasing tools that can help a student to perform Paraphrasing more efficiently without the grammar mistakes & excluding the plagiarized content quickly.

Word Flood:

 It is a desktop application that is free to utilize. Word Flood is a Special, useful, and additional quick desktop computer program designed for articles turning. It Works according to the desires of marketers and professional content marketers. So, it’s the most excellent revamping instruments to make interesting substance for complimentary. The utilization of this tool is in practice by the people for academic writing to alter the required article/content.

Clever Spinner:

 It is an interesting web-based text rewriter that’s able to modify your articles consequently on word, express, and sentence level with comparable quality. It revamps your substance on word and sentence level, making it unique. 


Prespostseo is a popular website which holds one window arrangement of the tools rewrites any content/passage/text in constrained time. Its specialized tool will help to rewrite various types of content into multiple languages.

It is developed with a highly advanced algorithm, so if you are looking to create unlimited SEO friendly content, then this tool allows you to do so.

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This tool can check plagiarism by comparing your paraphrased content against billions of WebPages on the Web through its fastest scanner in just a few seconds. The highly appreciatable feature of this tool is that it is 100% free to use & undoubtedly, this feature of the tool makes it distinguish among them all. You can check it here

Chimp Rewriter: 

This is one of the fantastic rephrasing tools to help you to rephrase your web content and assist you in generating unique information for your website, thesis, academic writing, or even any job. This tool replaces original content words with its best possible synonyms, which results in distinct web content for all internet search engines to fulfill user needs. This whole process is being completed within a few seconds.


 This is really one more marvelous rethinking /rewriting tool which will unquestionably assist in rewording content more conveniently in less time with minimal efforts. After performing Paraphrasing, this surely results in human-readable content.


This fantastic tool is also an excellent Paraphrasing Tool. If you want to restate or reword your write-ups, text, or total duration material, then this tool can be used as a way to paraphrase content into simple paragraphs or solitary terms. This tool will definitely produce counterfeiting free of cost information.


It is a popular article rewriter instrument through which you may able to rethink the substance by using artificial intelligence, which is the key feature of this tool. It holds a great ability to paraphrase thousands of contents in just a few minutes with optimum proficiency. It’s simply amazing as each time when you use this tool to rephrase the same material, it will produce rephrased content with slight changes.

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Writing, proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing services are offered by this tool. They claimed that this tool is one of the best paraphrasing tools available yet. Each order is backed by guarantees that make it more reliable.

Thus, one can place an order to them without having worries. This online company provides fast delivery options. You can also contact their customer support team 24/7 to place an order.

This is a simple and easy paraphrasing tool, in which with just two clicks, you can paraphrase different sentences. Simply copy and paste the text and press the button. As easy as that! In a few seconds, the tool will generate a paraphrased version of your text. Still, it also has a disadvantage uses a thesaurus to rephrase the content, so the results may be bordering the plagiarism line. Before adding effects to your paper, make sure you run a plagiarism check. 

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During writing an academic essay or a creative article, many students use different plagiarism checking software to detect problematic areas and take measures. offers a unique paraphrasing tool developed to ease the burden of responsibility to the borrowed ideas while writing.

Writing is sophisticated, and sometimes it feels like there is no way to change the text other than taking the already been written or published. This tool works to help you find the right words to make your content unique without zero loss to the meaning you put into your words and context.