Crackpot inventor Peter Sripol seems to have a penchant for attaching wings to something from energy drills to gaming chairs earlier than sending them skyward. Why? As a result of … nicely, simply because.

However now the favored YouTuber has constructed one thing that’s at the very least half-sensible: A robotic vacuum that flies.

Give it some thought. Because the very first robovac got here noisily into view round 20 years in the past, the autonomous cleaner has been confined to the ground the place it’s been set down. In case you dwell in a multilevel house or home and need the upstairs completed, it’s a must to carry the machine there, or purchase one other one.

A spot out there

Recognizing a niche out there, Sripol and his buddies set about making an attempt to construct what you may name a “robovac drone.” One that may clear downstairs earlier than flying upstairs to finish the job.

Utilizing an inexpensive and lightweight machine purchased on Amazon, Sripol’s crew added three ducted followers for flight, and, following numerous different modifications, managed to launch the robovac into the air for its inaugural flight. And it didn’t crash.

Subsequent, he needed to get suggestions from common of us, so he took it to a home occasion. That is when the chunk of flying equipment began to look a little bit harmful, with the hefty machine buzzing round inside a crowded room.

Sripol asks one visitor how a lot he could be ready to pay “for this modern home-cleaning know-how that’s additionally an aerial car.” It’s not clear if the visitor had had one too many, however he responds with “$500.”

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Drawbacks with the flying robovac? Properly, it’s not autonomous, which means that somebody has to make use of a controller to fly it between flooring. Hmm, that’s truly a extremely huge disadvantage when you consider it. Secondly, the downdraft brought on by the spinning propellers because it is available in to land has the impact of blowing close by mud and grime — and the rest gentle and unfastened — far and wide, creating an excellent larger mess.

“Peter Sripol could make completely something fly,” one among his buddies proclaims on the finish of the video. “He’s a genius in all the things that has to do with flight, and he’s an fool in all the things else.”

So let’s wait and see if iRobot contacts the YouTuber about making an attempt to commercialize this fascinating contraption. You by no means know, it could possibly be the vacation reward of 2020. OK, maybe not.

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