Software and cloud computing giant Microsoft has rolled out a server-side update to its internet browser — Microsoft Edge — that will make it possible for its users to access the same tabs across devices.

To do this, however, a user has to sign in to their Microsoft Edge browser and turn on sync.

If you are wondering how you can sync your tabs and browsing history on Microsoft Edge across your devices then this is what you need to do:

Sync your account on your computer


Select the profile image in the browser taskbar


Select Manage profile settings > Sync > Turn on sync

If you see an option to sign in, continue to the next step. Note: If you see Manage profile settings, you’re already signed in.


Select Sign in and choose an account or enter your account details. Select Continue


Select Sync when you’re asked if you want to sync your account

This syncs your favourites, passwords, and other browsing data across the devices you use with this account. Note: If you choose to sync favourites, any tabs you previously set aside will also be synced.

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To switch to another account, click on your profile image, then add or select another profile

Sync your account on your mobile device1.

Open Microsoft Edge app


Select an account and sign in, following the prompts


Select Settings and more and then select your profile image


Under Sync settings, tap Sync and then toggle Sync to the on position