Having a company website is a great tool to attract new customers. If you have a professional Sacramento web design, you probably already know how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website. More people are using their cellphones as their primary tool to get online and every cell phone company offers great deals on data. Even though phones are getting bigger, their screens are still a lot smaller than computers and websites are hard to navigate without a mobile version.

It’s not as simple as making the page bigger for mobile. Sacramento website design companies can create mobile-friendly versions of their desktop websites. Here are a few differences between desktop and mobile websites:

  1. Mobile sites are compact. They only offer the most crucial information, functions, and features.
  2. Mobile sites have less graphics and marketing, so they are easier to navigate.
  3. Desktop websites have horizontal navigation at the top of a page whereas mobile uses vertical navigation usually under a menu button.
  4. Mobile sites often have integration with phone functions that allow visitors to call or text numbers found on the site simply by clicking on them.
  5. Mobile sites use the phone’s preferences and settings to show local search results to the visitor based on their location.

There are a lot of advantages for setting up your business’s website to include a mobile-friendly version. For example, a mechanic will attract more customers by having a mobile website. People usually experience car trouble away from home, so they have to use their phone to find a local shop. Having a mobile-friendly website will give local potential customers easy access of your website to find information about your garage. Every business will benefit from this, but especially businesses that cater to people with emergencies or issues that can crop up away from home. Contact a Sacramento website design company to design a mobile-friendly version of your website.