Management is the application of technical principles to the planning, organizing and coordinating of a prince2 project. It’s a process that encompasses the overall strategy to accomplish a task.

The most important task for all business managers is: to make sure that the cost of the prince2 course project is controllable and within budget.

In order to do this, managers ensure that the prince2 project interfaces with necessary resources (i.e. people, money, facility, plant resources, etc).

Plans are necessary to reach a goal. A plan must be sufficient in describing: prince2 project goals, the time requirements, the people responsible for the prince2 project, key objectives, and the key actions to be taken to achieve the goal.

Mangers must focus on the major elements of planning: time usage, personnel, responsibilities and accomplishments; and make sure all of these have been evaluated and fully understood before moving forward in the implementation of the plan.

Quality, your total commitment to quality, is a thinking process (a process). You must view anything that can affect quality as an “opportunity for improvement.”

For those who know nothing about quality, you may find the concept confusing. This is because there is a pre-defined way of thinking when it comes to quality. It’s called Measure of Merit, and if you understand this concept, first you will be able to determine if a quality methodology or tool was designed for identifying and correcting defects of a current process (or a finished product).

We all try to find what is wrong when you look at the products we buy. Regular calibrated quality inspections help identify areas where we can make improvements.

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The tools used for rate assessments, and for the metrics necessary to measure quality, can be found around you.

Controllability is the problem-solving aspect of prince2 project management.

Controllability can take center stage in prince2 project management if managers are prepared for the consequences in the case of a defective objective.

Ensure that the individuals involved in the prince2 project are thoroughly informed, knowledgeable and capable of performing their functions.

Controllability begins with understanding. You will detect the lack of understanding if you perceive: “… the entity must be able, at some future point, to complete a task without excessive strain or full compliance.” (Huh?)

This is important, because managing a prince2 project for something you understand is like trying to drive a car when you have to look over the 4-wheel relative ahead of you. You usually will be shocked.

Controllability usually takes the form of some form of documented standard. In plain language it means documents (or outlines) that have been agreed to by all involved. While there are other forms of contractual commitment put in place (e.g. contracts), these are normally for much larger and longer activities.

Creating a documented standard establishes a solid baseline for the prince2 projects that you will undertake. I would like to share a very simple example with you. Suppose that you are an experienced manager and you’ve been asked to head a new prince2 project special purpose task force.

If this were a prince2 project that required consulting personnel, you might create a task force of four or five people who meet at the start of every week. During the week, these people normally analyze schedules, deliverables, and other activities. At the end of each week, they will regularly discuss the previous week’s deliverables to establish if the completion of the deliverables was on time.

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For the prince2 project’s duration (sometimes referred to as the year) these discussions are recorded, adhere to the standard, and then are officially placed on the prince2 project files of the prince2 project team. Often these meetings will include presenting a prince2 projection of the deliverables for the coming and next year.

Will this prince2 project work?

The next question is: Can it work?

The best-case scenario of this prince2 project is that the activities are being completed according to the deliverables. The prince2 project progresses along on schedule. If it advances at a steady rate, whatever it has to do now will be completed eventually.

The only reasonable way for this prince2 project to work is to establish a signed-off point for each activity to ensure success.

The next logical question is how much time will it require?

Once you have completed the prince2 project plan, you can get the following questions without having to do a lot of homework:

  1. “What would the need for this prince2 project be?”
  1. “How long will this prince2 project take to do the work?”
  1. “How much are we willing to pay for it?”

You will improve your prince2 project’s ability to work by concentrating on your understanding of what it will deliver. By being able to isolate the activities that deliver the three deliverables — Profit, Customer or SupplierENCE-create goals for the future and develop some measurements to ensure they are being made (asset acceptances, finish dates, etc.), you can easily determine if the prince2 project delivers what it was designed to.

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