The online gaming industry is more robust than ever and still growing. By 2025, it is expected to be a $31 million dollar industry, according to a recent gaming report. With so much growth potential, it’s important to choose the right online gaming payment gateway.

Gamers are looking for quick and easy payments, along with security and encryption. When it comes to features like these, not all gaming payment gateways are created equal. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing your gaming merchant account and payment gateway for your platform.

What is Gaming Payment Processing?

Gaming payment processing is the same as a payment gateway for selling goods and services online. Accepting payments from customers for various things they want to buy for their games. Different payment gateways will accept different types of currencies.

Payment processing in the gaming industry takes on several different forms. In other words, gamers will pay for things at various stages of the customer journey. Some games have fees just to play the game, although many are free at the beginning.

The rest of the purchases typically come in the form of in-app purchases. Here are some examples of those:

  • Points, Coins, Diamonds
  • Access to a new level or dimension
  • Weapons/tools to use in the game
  • New characters
  • Appearance upgrades for their avatar such as badges, tattoos, jewelry, etc.

Various gaming platforms may also have online stores for their customers to make purchases. These stores may include items such as those above but they may also include physical goods and merchandise.

Why is Gaming Payment Processing High Risk?

The gaming industry is considered high-risk and thus will typically require a high risk merchant account. Businesses that are considered high risk are typically those that have a high propensity for fraud and chargebacks. They may also include businesses with a lot of international transactions.

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With rapid growth in online revenue, often comes an increased risk of fraud. Studies show that one in 20 new online gaming accounts are fraudulent. This puts every gamer and every company at risk. Fraud can come in various forms in the gaming industry, including fraudulent chargebacks, account takeovers and more.

In the case of chargebacks, it is pretty straightforward. The cybercriminal will simply make in-app purchases or other transactions and then file chargebacks with their bank to get the money back without approaching the merchant first.  Chargebacks are one of the most common gaming credit card processing problems encountered today by merchants.

Account takeovers, on the other hand, are a classic example of hackers hacking into a consumer’s account. They will take over the account and thus have full access to make purchases with whatever payment methods are on file for that user.


Aside from fraudulent chargebacks, the online gaming industry has a higher level of regular chargebacks, as well. This is often the result of a gamer clicking on something in a game and not realizing there was a cost associated with it. Sometimes they are legitimate and sometimes they are simply the result of buyer’s remorse.

Although chargebacks were never meant to be used in this manner, they have definitely become a beast of their own. Merchants often struggle to overcome the impact of such chargebacks because the process has become so easy for consumers.

High Number of Foreign Transactions

Last but not least, many payment processing gateways and banks will consider a business high-risk if there is a high number of foreign transactions. This is because the risk of a security breach is much higher with cross border transactions.

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There are also a lot more steps that go into the processing of international payments between different currencies. Every step in the process creates a little more room for error and some banks simply don’t want the risk.

Ideal Online Payment Service for Gaming

If you’re looking for the ideal payment service for your online gaming platform, do yourself a favor and go straight to the providers who offer high risk merchant accounts. You already know that your industry is high risk, so save yourself the heartache of trying to convince a bank or other provider to grant you a traditional processing account.

There are a number of top-rated high risk payment processors in the marketplace right now. Start by researching the various features for accounts with these providers. Be sure to keep in mind all of the things that gamers are looking for when wanting to send or receive payments.

Reliable and Secure

Gamers want to feel secure while playing your game. They want to know that their data is protected and that the encryption on your account is secure. Many gamers will discontinue using a particular platform is there is a security breach, so this should be one of the first things you ask a potential payment processor.

Fast and Simple Registration

This goes for both you and your gamers. You want to have a simple registration process that allows you to get up and running quickly. You should ask questions about the ease of implementation and integration into your gaming platform.

For your gamers, it is important that their registration process is also simple and easy. Setting up their initial account should be as fast and seamless as possible. After that, ask your processor how easy in-app purchases will be for your customers.

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The last thing they want is for their game to be interrupted or redirected when they want to make an in-app purchase. Instead, look for a payment processor that can offer one-click payments for in-app purchase. This will make the user experience the best it can be.

Fast, Consistent Payouts

Since the payment process directly affects your bottom-line, you need to know your payment and fee schedule, as well. You should look for a provider who offers fast payouts on a consistent schedule. Running a successful business depends on the owner’s ability to anticipate revenue and identify trends.

Knowing when your cash flow will come in is critical to your ability to make good business decisions. Make sure you know when your revenue will be deposited into your account and when the various fees associated with that revenue will be withdrawn.


The key to payment processing for online gaming is simplicity and security. If you can find a processor who offers the right combination for you and your gamers, you’re on the right path!

Kristofer Ortega is the sales manager of EUPaymentz.  EUPaymentz specializes in payment processing services for companies located in European and other offshore jurisdictions.