It’s time to understand how this data usage thing works and which apps are using most of your data basically it’s not one thing that is chewing your whole data, it’s basically everything you do on your mobile.

Streaming HD videos is one of the main factors when it comes to draining your monthly mobile data.

At first, it’s really hard to understand how much data we require for a month and a lot of us underestimate our monthly data and then it leads to either the shortage or the wastage of mobile data.

According to research, 50% of people don’t know how much monthly data they use. For more details:

It all depends on the websites you use because some websites use rich content like pictures and videos.

By reading this article you will be able to figure out which app or website is using most of your mobile data so keep reading.

1) YouTube Streaming:

Streaming YouTube videos (SD quality) uses around 360Mbs per hour. Mobile data usage while streaming youtube vary, depending on the quality of the video you are watching.

For example, if you are watching an SD video (480p) it will use around 6Mb per minute and 360Mbs per hour.

And if you are watching a high-quality youtube video in (1080p) it will use around 150Mbs per minute and 900Mbs per hour. So, if you are looking to control your data usage we recommend you watch SD quality videos as they use fewer data.

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2) Facebook:

If you are scrolling on Facebook it will use 2Mb per minute which is not a big amount but if you are watching videos on Facebook the number will increase for each minute.

Scrolling on Facebook uses about 120Mbs per hour and 160Mbs per hour for videos.

Facebook has an option in their settings to limit your data usage on Facebook.

3) Netflix:

Netflix streaming uses about 300Mb-1Gb depending on the quality of the video you are watching.

If you are on the lowest quality settings of Netflix, it will consume 5Mb per minute and 300Mbs per hour. The medium quality video will consume 9Mb per minute and 450Mbs per hour while high-quality video will consume 17Mbs per minute which is equivalent to 1Gb per hour.

You should be smart enough when it comes to the use of Netflix. Pre-download seasons and movies using WiFi will save much of your data.

4) Gaming:

This can vary a lot depending on the nature of the game you are playing.

You should check your mobile data before playing the game so that you can figure out which game is burning most of your data.

There are a lot of games that you should download with WiFi because there is a possibility that these certain games will consume all of your data.

5) Music streaming:

Data usage while streaming music also varies but mostly it uses 3Mb per minute which becomes 150Mbs per hour and it is the least amount of data usage but sometimes we listen to music for hours which can increase the amount of data used.

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There are a lot of ways by which you can minimize your data usage. Try not to play online games because you can enjoy offline games without data. For internet speed test, Try must:

If you are a music lover, download music or podcast using WiFi so you don’t have to use the internet again and again on the same album.

Steam youtube and Netflix in lower qualities to save your mobile data or pre-download them. Keep checking what’s using most of your data in this way you will never run out of data ever again.