Each brand of cordless phones has its own way of configuring its models, so no one can tell the most common steps.

At the same time, it will be useful if we indicate which functions should be configured due to their relationship with the answering machine, so you will not have problems when using it.

Before deciding on the best cordless phone with answering machines, it is better that you know what abilities it must have at least to fulfill what you need.

Circumstances for example how long you can record, if you can check the messages from outside or if it alerts you when you have something, are characteristics that every good answering machine must-have.

  • Cordless phones with an answering machine often signal when a message is being recorded. So the first thing to do is to put the correct time and date on the base and terminals.
  • When you don’t pick up the phone and you have to record the message, let it ring before taking the answering machine.
  • The next thing you usually need to configure is the maximum message length someone leaves. This should not be forgotten, especially if you have a phone with a few minutes of recording. Otherwise, you will soon run out of storage memory.
  • The fourth configuration that needs to be done is to register the number that can be blocked. If you know someone who is leaving you a lot of annoying messages, whether it’s professional or for some other reason you’re not interested. You better blacklist them which is the best way to avoid trimming the answering machine.
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If you have configured the points mentioned above, you have activated the answering machine successfully.

Now everything will be able to work accurately.

Whenever there is an unanswered call, this cordless phone will answer for you and record the message with a clear warning in the process.

To hear all the recorded messages, you will only have to press the answering machine button on the base and it will play all the messages stored in the memory.

Many devices allow you to answer remotely by the code.

Most cordless phones with an answering machine need to record a ringing message when you do not take the call.

It’s usually limited to 2 or 3 minutes, but the message has plenty of time unless you need to add more details such as hours of attention of business or any claim.

You can buy it from Amazon which has a large stock of cordless phones with answering machines.

Following are one of the most used and well-known cordless phones:

  • AT&T EL52113 Single Handset Expandable Cordless Phone
  • iDECT Solo Plus Digital Cordless Phone with answering machine

Cordless phones with DECT technology (Digitally Enhanced Wireless Telecommunications) can establish conference calls with several of their own terminals and an incoming call. It allows the transfer of an external call between terminals and carry out internal communications at no cost.