Sleep plays an essential role in the production and regeneration of all bodily cells, including those of the brain. A mind deprived of sleep becomes more vulnerable to anxiety, depression and stress-related issues. Further, lack of sleep is also linked to several health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. Knowing that we need to strive to regulate our sleep cycle and eliminate all our activities hindering that. 

Researchers have found that a major reason for more and more people going an insomniac is prolonged exposure to blue light. While wearing reading glasses is a solution, why would we want to invest in one pair without exactly knowing how they work.

What really is blue light?

White light, generally known as sunlight, is made up of a spectrum of seven different colours of the rainbow. This spectrum is further divided into the visible and invisible spectrum. Blue light, being the last colour of the visible spectrum, moves with the highest energy. It is due to this high energy that it is so damaging for the eyes. 

How does blue light make us insomniac?

The sleep cycle in the human body is regulated by the sleep hormone called melatonin. It is due to the limited production of this hormone under the influence of the sunlight that we feel awake and attentive during the day. Similarly, increased production of melatonin in the absence of blue light during the night makes us feel drowsy. However, exposure to blue light from artificial sources like laptop, TV, smartphone, and some LEDs again alters and suppresses the production of melatonin. This makes us feel awake during the night and results in a loss of sleep. 

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Other ways in which blue light affects us

Do you know that the human eyes can block and filter more than 90% UV rays from the sun? However, they fail to reflect any amount of blue waves. They enter straight into our eyes through the cornea and reach up to the retina. As they penetrate through the retinal cells, they induce toxic chemical reactions and thus, gradually deteriorate the retina. 

Blue light is also responsible for several other optical issues like Computer Eye Syndrome and Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Also, if you have ever had cataract surgery, you would remember your optician telling you about putting an intraocular lens in your eye. This is a special lens that includes a blue light filtering technology. Anti-blue light glasses are then recommended post-cataract surgery. 

How to deal with blue light?

  • Blink! Blink! Blink!

Blinking helps to evenly spread the tears in our eyes and thus prevent them from getting dry. Although we tend to blink less often while staring on a screen, you should try to blink as much as possible. 

  • Use artificial tears

Artificial tears or teardrops are used to lubricate your eyes when you have to use screens for prolonged time periods. You can drop one or two tears twice a day to keep your eyes from getting too dry.

  • Modify lightings

The brightness of your screen should not be too dim or too light as compared to the surroundings. You can try to set up your workstation in a well-lit area.

  • Add a humidifier

A humidifier can be used to keep your room’s air moist and consequently, your eyes lubricated. You can purchase a small humidifier to keep beside your computer desk. 

  • Adjust your computer
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Blue light travels in a straight line. So, it can be helpful if you can adjust your computer screen in a way that the centre of the screen is slightly below your eye level.

Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses in the UK are the latest technology that are used to block harmful blue waves from reaching our eyes. You can ask your optician to add an anti-blue light coating on your glasses.

A basic pair of X-blue light glasses in the UK can cost you a fortune as they can range anywhere between 80 to 250 pounds. Also, if you choose to purchase cheap glasses online, they fail to provide adequate protection from blue waves. However, there’s one brand in the state, called Specscart, that is continuously striving to provide the most affordable eyeglasses without compromising with the quality. You can easily find a great pair of glasses on their website, starting at just 25 pounds. 

Meta description- Blue light is known to affect our sleep cycle by making us insomniac. Blue light glasses in the UK can be used to block blue waves from entering our eyes.