Regardless of the variations in mechanics, a typical thread runs by way of lots of Tequila Works’ titles. They’re barely creepy, with a contact of ennui and an excessive amount of story for a single sport to comprise. The studio’s strategy to storytelling works greatest in The Invisible Hours, a non-linear VR expertise that sacrifices participant enter in an effort to resolve a number of narrative threads.

Total, the studio’s energy lies in constructing moody worlds bursting with emotional intrigue, somewhat than finishing a single, clear narrative arc.


Tequila Works’ newest launch, Gylt, suits this mould completely. Stylistically, it is totally different than something the studio has created to date; it is narratively skinny, although its world is wealthy and eerie, stuffed with creeping beasts and light-weight emotional turmoil. Gylt is a third-person horror title that follows tween Sally right into a twisted, Upside Down model world that has additionally consumed her younger cousin, Emily. Sally searches for Emily, who’s been lacking for a month, by way of the desolate rooms of their college as monsters stalk her footsteps.

Sally’s hometown is deserted and appears like an earthquake hit it, whereas its corners and doorways are infested with black sludge monsters. Eyeballs peer from the tops of tentacles rising out of the goo, and bipedal beasts with lengthy claws and inverted faces stalk the walkways.

Eyeballs peer from the tops of tentacles rising out of the goo.

Gylt takes issues sluggish, introducing mechanics like strolling, wanting round, ducking and interacting with objects one by one, with clear on-screen prompts and loads of house for gamers to check out their new instruments. The principle gameplay conceit includes ducking behind low partitions and overturned desks to keep away from the detection of the black, cone-headed creatures patrolling the city. As is widespread in journey video games, gadgets are littered around the globe to assist Sally on her quest — keys for locked doorways, inhalers for well being, and batteries for her flashlight, whose beam injures the massive unhealthy beasties. Easy spatial puzzles and fetch quests pad out the gameplay as Sally investigates the grey, spooky world and confronts truths about her youthful cousin.

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