The faster the Internet speed you desire, the fewer options for service. In 2014, the Federal Communications Commission reported that most Americans only have one or two choices for broadband service, which includes high-speed, always-on internet. Larger cities have more available options but limitations in specific neighborhoods leave most residents with only one or two choices. Unfortunately, not much has changed since 2014.

Therefore, to get internet service Lehigh Valley from one of the few options, it is important to understand the features from each to determine which is the best Internet service to meet your needs.

Finding the Best Internet Service

If you are new to the area, you want to research which providers service your town or neighborhood. This can be simply executed through an Internet search.

Types of Internet Service

Once you have determined the providers, it is important to understand the types of internet service, which include:


DSL using the local phone like for internet service but is the slowest of the three options. DSL is widely available and the most affordable choice on the market.


Cable internet service uses cable wires to deliver high-speed internet and is the most used service. It is faster and more reliable than DSL and can be faster than fiber optic, depending on the package. However, it is more expensive than DSL and may not be available where you live.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic is the fastest available internet option with download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps, which is equivalent to cable service. Upload speeds, which impact the quality of streaming video and sending large files are around 25 Mbps with cable being around 1 Mbps. The biggest issue is that fiber optic isn’t as available as the other choices.

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The speed of your service is based on the bandwidth you’re allotted from your internet plan. The more bandwidth you are given, the faster your devices. The amount depends on how much you use the internet. If one person is downloading a video game, another is streaming a movie and another looking at Instagram, you need enough bandwidth to keep all parties happy.

Choosing the best internet service depends on the available options in your area, the type of internet service you need, and the speed that you need for home use. With a better understanding of the terminology, you can now make an informed decision.