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You might have heard the phrase, getting a position is easy; maintaining it steady needs a lot of effort. The same goes for blogging. You can start your blog right away. But here comes the hard part; you need to post enticing content daily to entertain and guide your audience.

Let us help you with our list to take care of this job. With lots of research, we have curated some best ways for you to find new content for your blog daily. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Google Search

Why go anywhere else when Google, the best web crawler, provides you tons of blog ideas? There are plenty of posts present on your Google search results that you can rewrite or craft new ideas from them.

Moreover, don’t forget the related searches at the bottom of your Google page that you can add to your content lists. Remember, these results indicate what your audience is looking to read.


Buzzsumo is an excellent content marketing tool used by thousands of businesses to create killer content by generating ideas that can hit. Moreover, you get to know which content will get maximum engagement or vice versa. It is not difficult to drive ideas if you know how to crack the code of researching keywords.

Social Forums

If you know where to find your audience, you won’t miss social forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. For instance, Quora is a platform where people question and answer different queries. Here, you can find ideas by looking into those questions. You can visit its sitemap to view the hottest queries.

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Answer The Public

Answer the public is a tool to find ideas by entering a keyword. The tool is then processed through different forums and provides a list of common questions people ask in an artistic visual pattern. You can use those questions or related searches as your blog content.

Survey Your Audience

Another clever way to find new ideas is by understanding what your audience is looking for. After all, you write content for them. You can run multiple surveys on your social media platforms or email campaigns. Also, engage with them in comment sections and follow their queries and interests.

Research Your Competitor’s Blogs

Your competitor’s blog provides you with a roadmap of engaging keywords to drive more traffic and ranking on Google. Don’t be tempted to copy their topics or content. Take ideas from them and give an innovative approach to those ideas to better rank on search engines.

Email newsletter

You might have looked at email newsletters as a way to promote your business. In our experience, those newsletters also serve as content ideas for your new posts. If you read those emails, you will find valuable content to brainstorm and give a new light to those ideas.

Social Media

Last but not least, your social media platforms are loaded with different content, products, DIY, hashtags, and life hacks. Regardless of your industry, you can find multiple options like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Engage on those platforms and understand the latest trends and requirements.


On the whole, if you are attentive on the internet, making use of all the platforms and tools, you can quickly generate new content ideas for your blog. Exercise your brain regularly to let its creative juices flow to craft exciting content. Still, you can kickstart your content journey with these best ways to find new content for your blog.