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Many businesses strive to expand their brands on Instagram due to the large audience available. However, to build trust and bond with people, they need to craft solid strategies to stand out from their competition, ultimately leading to more followers and engagement.

If you are looking for some best tips to get more comments on Instagram, welcome to the club. This post enlightens some simple tips that you can quickly apply to boost your Instagram engagement. Let’s get into it right now.

Write An Engaging Post

Instagram is a platform where you post visuals to attract the audience and content to engage with them. A post written in an enticing and conversational tone intrigues the audience. Moreover, grabbing their attention in the first 150 words ensures that your audience hit more, reading the whole post and end up engaging with them.

Add Clear CTA

Most of the time, users scroll through the posts quickly only to stop what attracts their eye. Either they don’t read the captions, or they don’t understand if they have to engage. So, what to do in that case?

In that case, give them clear call-to-actions, both in the captions and visuals. Providing your audience command after an exciting post automatically ends up in the comment section to engage with the post.

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Reply To All Your Comments

Another tip to get maximum comments is to engage with them and build trust and relationships as a community. People like to talk to ones whom they know. Replying to every comment sends a positive message that you are interested in their point of view, eventually promoting the conversation.

Share Your Post On Stories

Many users prefer to explore sections or stories to scan the latest happenings instead of scrolling through feeds quickly. To grab the attention of such users, successful bloggers post the previews and highlights of their posts on stories. This way, they direct their audience to their feed and increase engagement probability.

Post A QnA, And Ask Your Followers To Comment

Some perks of Instagram are polls, QnA, quizzes, etc., to promote maximum engagement with your audience. Bloggers and influencers use these cool features from time to time to excite their followers to comment and engage more. You can also post these features in your stories and feed and ask your audience to reply in the comment section.

Do An Instagram Takeover With Other Influencers

Many businesses takeover Instagram with other influencers to make Instagram more exciting for the audience. This way, they break the monotony and generate more organic traffic. All ultimately leads to more engagement.

Post Content At The Right Time

The key to success is understanding ‘time is of the essence. Influencers with large audiences don’t focus only on their content; they try to find the right time to post when their audience is most active. This tactic helps reach their post reach on their feed on top, inciting more engagement as likes and comments.

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Make A Giveaway Or Contest

The last on our list is giveaways or contests that could never go wrong. People are wired to love free stuff. Therefore, put conditions to those giveaways, such as likes, comments, shares, tags, etc., to bring maximum engagement. Do this tip, and you will be surprised.


To conclude it all, we believe it’s not rocket and science to get more engagement in the form of comments. You just have to connect with your audience by exciting them with something new now and then. You can follow these best tips to get more comments on Instagram and promote your business.