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Daily, vast numbers of people visit Google to search for various purposes. School students use it for education, entrepreneurs for business, and millions worldwide for leisure and fun.

People probably don’t take advantage of Google’s search capabilities to their fullest extent. Do you want to make Google search extra productive and receive a response that you’re looking for way quicker?

You can maximize your search results using Google’s Advanced Search by following these tips;

Search Multiple Words Simultaneously

Google’s search engine is versatile and customisable. It understands that googling for a particular lexical item or single word may not yield results. As a result, it will allow you to search for multiple options.

This technique can be used to search for one word or other phrases, or for two words or phrases at the same time. This trick might help you focus your quest so you can locate precisely what you are searching for. The grammar sentence example is:

“The most effective methods for preparing for a business meeting” “How to Prepare for the Business Meeting” or “How to Prepare yourself for an Interview Process”. Hence, by searching with intelligent techniques, you can get better results.

Keep the Search Simple

Keeping the Google search simple is general advice. Google has a vast range of assessment options. A simple search shows you do not even have to be very descriptive and specific. Google Advance technology will amaze you with results.

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Whether you’re looking for a pizza restaurant near you, Google can give you many options. Just type nearby pizza places and get several options to select. Google will detect the location and give you a list of pizza places in your immediate neighborhood.

Use Tabs Mostly

Using Google tabs is the first step to performing a Google Advance search. A variety of tabs appear at the top of any search. Website, Images, entertainment, and much more are the most used categories.

Tabs are easy to use and something already accustomed most people to using them. If you are not connected with them, do so immediately. If you use Tabs correctly, they can decimate search times.

Hyphen Use in Sentences

It’s natural to wonder about words with unclear definitions occasionally. Rosemary is an interesting example. When you search for Rosemary, you could get answers for both the Plant and the perfume created by Egyptians.

By inserting a hyphen in front of something, you can instruct search engines to ignore it if you wish to cut out another search. Look at the sample below.


This instructs the search tool to look for Rosemary perfume but disregards any results containing the term plant. It can be advantageous when looking for knowledge about anything without accessing data about anything else.

Shortcuts for Google Advanced Search

You can type a multitude of commands to get immediate results. Google can provide you with the data you need directly, just at the top of every page. Such a shortcut could save your time and energy by eliminating the need to click a slew of inconvenient links.

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For example, type zip code for the weather. Find the exact result about the weather of the city and country that you have mentioned in the zip code. You can also search for celebrities by bacon numbers.

Final Verdict

We can conclude that the best tips for Google Advanced Search help get accurate and quick results. You can find anything on the global digital platform by applying the above information.