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Are you stumped on what to write on Twitter? Because each social media network requires a unique set of methods and content, it may be difficult to determine which sorts of postings perform best on which platform.

Twitter is a one-of-a-kind social media network. And although some kinds of material tend to do well on social media sites, others should be saved for more professional networks such as LinkedIn or platforms that are largely visual in nature such as Instagram and Pinterest, among others.

However, we’ll walk you through 17 interesting suggestions for what to publish on Twitter that your followers will like reading.

Asking questions

When you ask questions of your audience, you increase the likelihood of your followers responding positively to your message. Whatever you choose, it should be something related to your company, or just something to get the discussion started, as seen by the tweet from Degree above.

Updates on the industry

Important and/or fascinating industry news is one sort of information that should be shared across all channels, regardless of platform. This is information that should be communicated to your target audience.

The information you wish to communicate with your audience might range from a short article about individuals in your sector (such as the Brand watch example below) to a large change in rules or even a minor algorithm update.

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Publication of brand announcements

Do you have some fantastic news to share with us? Is there a fresh product launch or new features that your audience is looking forward to? Would you want to offer a powerful testimonial or endorsement? The material on this page is definitely something you want to share with your audience.

Even better, you can pin this Tweet to the top of your profile so that it is visible to new visitors as well. You may update your pinned Tweet as frequently as you wish, depending on what announcements or industry news you want to share with your followers.

Graphics in the form of GIFs and memes

After all, we only have 280 characters to work with on Twitter. Because of this, storytelling via GIFs and memes has become a key feature of Tweeting and marketing throughout the network.

GIFs (either sponsored GIFs or from the built-in GIF library) are often used in tweets and responses, and users are quick to share memes and even join in on viral memes as they spread over the internet.

Promotional coupons or limited-time deals

Twitter is an excellent tool for increasing engagement and revenue, particularly when promotional coupons or deals are made accessible only to your Twitter followers.

The content of the blog

It’s safe to say that your blog material is the most often viewed sort of content provided across practically any platform. Because, after all, if you’re putting out high-quality blog material, you’ll want to make sure as many people as possible are reading it. Don’t be afraid to share your blog content through Twitter. In fact, it may be an excellent moment to experiment with different pieces of content on Twitter to observe how your target audience reacts to them.