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Choosing a website to start your blog to make money is probably the first and most challenging step. Because your blogging platforms primarily determine your blogging journey and success.

Whether you are a startup or established business expanding your business to blogging, consider your goals along with the features and support you need your blogging website to support. Let’s learn together how these best blogging platforms help you make money.


One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress, loved by bloggers and businesses alike. It is a user-friendly interface with a vast set of themes and plugins. Moreover, WordPress has two versions; (free) and (paid).

If you want to build a website on WordPress, you must buy its domain and hosting plans. Once done, start working on the blog as you wish. It gives you the freedom to monetize your blog by supporting many programs like AdSense or converting the site to an ecommerce store, subscription site, etc.


Ideal for beginners, Wix is a blogging platform having to host and blogging tools in one place. It features a drag-and-drop software option to select one of the premade templates to get you started if you don’t know how to do HTML and CSS.

You can create your content easily on the platform and optimize its SEO to boost your traffic. Furthermore, you can start email campaigns with Wix’s email tool or share your content on social media. You will find Wix much easier to use but other software integrations.

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Another website perfect for beginners and small businesses with little to no knowledge about web designing and coding is Squarespace. It features drag-and-drop software, just like Wix. However, it has more templates with high-quality images, making it a more professional website. It supports around 1000 pages that you can customize from your phones too. Lastly, with SEO optimization and marketing tools, the site can be used as a blogging or online store with excellent customer support.


Ghost is a straightforward blogging platform for writers and journalists. It features an easy-to-navigate interface, SEO tools, and plugins built into the platform. Moreover, with multiple publication features, you can offer services like blogs, newsletters, memberships, and sell courses and digital products.


Blogger is one of the easiest and only free blogging platforms available on which you can make money by installing Google AdSense. As Google owns it, anyone with a Gmail account can access it to upload their articles quickly. Moreover, you can choose available templates or design websites on your own. Also, apart from running ads on AdSense, there are no other options to monetize your blog.


Tumblr is a blogging and social media platform with a large audience to post stories, articles, or chat with other bloggers. Although it is an old platform, it has recently started its monetization program. You can monetize by running ads with Adsense, adding affiliate links, selling Tumblr themes, or selling your work.

Also, with a large audience and social audience present, you don’t need to wait for ranking your work. You can put your work on a paywall to advertise it. However, Tumblr takes 5% of your earnings.

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Medium is a very popular blogging platform where you can easily create and publish your content to the built-in audience. Moreover, a writer can earn its partner program for their published articles. Having said that, it is not a very good platform to make lots of money. Therefore, writers also move to other platforms to earn high.


If you want to take your blogging hobby to a money-making business, you need to understand your scope as well as the website to choose the best blogging platform for you. There are hundreds of topics on which you can start blogging and have a great deal.