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Big websites pay great attention to building high-quality links to improve their SEO and credibility. As we all know, the more authority you get in your domain, the higher Google ranks you on search results.

Let’s discuss where to get the best backlinks for your website and send positive signals to rank your website on top results. Remember, your backlinks are like testimonials; it is a sweaty job but worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading till the end.

Source Bottle

Source Bottle is a free platform directed towards bloggers, writers, and journalists to find answers related to their queries from an expert and gain publicity simultaneously. It plays a notable role in expanding your information regarding your niche while building links to your website.

Whether you sign up as a writer looking for an expert or yourself, engage with the audience and build trust to get the links back to your website.


If you are a small business looking for exposure, Bizsugar is your go-to website. Here, you can share your content and allow others to post it too. In this case, you get free publicity for your content and an opportunity for backlinks. However, post high-quality and authentic content to get it approved.

Besides this, you can also join other professionals in your niche and build healthy relationships leading to endorsements and backlinks.

“Write For Us” Sites

One of the best websites to secure backlinks is “write for us” sites accepting guest blogs. These sites have a big audience; publishing your article means access to that audience and hence online reputation and backlinks. However, don’t forget to look at their reputation and social media to understand if it is a good fit.

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Medium is an effective social media platform to post your content for free. You direct your audience to your website when you post backlinks within your valuable and enticing content. You can also post a syndicated copy of your content and link your medium account with other platforms to promote your content. Moreover, Medium allows using five hashtags to target the desired audience group.


Quora is the best place to find a big audience related to your niche and get your queries answered. Here, you can provide valuable solutions to others’ problems and direct them to your websites by adding backlinks. This way, those audiences will know where to look for your content for future queries. But first, you need to post your content and build a reputation and authority. Once you are successful, naturally, people will backlink to your articles as well.


Twitter is the best platform to find new leads and backlinks by engaging with other people in your niche. Keep posting valuable tweets and direct them to your website. Those who find your content will likely share your website with their audiences, leading to new leads, referrals, and backlinks.


Overall, backlinks result from regularly posting and engaging with others in your niche and providing valuable content to them. In return, those leads follow back and reference your content in their posts.

These sites mentioned above provide you best backlinks for your websites where you can follow these strategies and establish your authority.