Dressing style is an important term in the fashion industry. It enhances your self-confidence. It makes your impression more robust and your personality influential. There are a number of ways in which you can style yourself to make yourself more attractive and beautiful. That not only boosts your inner confidence but also brings you joy, and as a result, you can end up with a better mood and a great day. Let’s examine a few points that help to enhance our styling sense.


Everybody has a choice of color. Certain colors will indeed make you look healthy and eye sparkle. When you are wearing the right color, your complexion glows. Your skin color will look elegant and will radiate more. You can see the consultant know about your skin tone and the best colors that suit you. If you cannot see a consultant, you can do it yourself, too, by the following procedure.

 Let’s set a ground rule that has two main components of either being cold or warm. The cool seasons refer to winter and summer. Similarly, warm seasons refer to the autumn and spring. You have to decide whether you are cool or warm-toned. This can be done easily with the help of your vein. If your vein looks blue, you are going to be more towards cool. Similarly, if your vein looks green, you are going to be warm. 

There is a variety of shades for a single color. For example, a blue color could be cool blue or warm blue. Similarly, you can pick green, pink, yellow, etc., and can figure out what you have to wear according to your skin tone. When you are shopping, you can observe more than one shade of a single color before finalizing. You can decide which shade is cool or warm relatively so that you can choose according to your skin tone similarly if you can go for a deeper shade if its winter and autumn, and for summer and spring, you can choose a lighter shade.

Black and white colors don’t have shades, unlike other rainbow colors, so they are tricky. Black and white are cool colors. They look best on the cool person. They look fantastic in winter but can be put on in summers too. White and black don’t look suitable on warm tone skin.  Check best dresses design for more details. 

Body types:

Once you are done with your color’s tone, the next step is to determine body shape and dress accordingly. The body shape is extremely important and is quite easy to figure out. Let’s check somebody’s shapes and the dresses that will make them unique.

Men body types:

Men come out with different sizes and shapes. Some are very tall, and some are very short. Some are super thin, and some have a wider proportion. If you know clothing and your body, you can integrate these to minimize your unfavorable attributes and maximize positive ones. So here are some body types of men and some tips to give them a handsome look.

1- Skinny body:

This body has not wider shoulder proportion. Thus you can dress in shirts having horizontal lines that will make shoulder look wide. Moreover, the collar should fit well.

2- Teddy bear:

The fat guys can look handsome. They should go for darker colors. They will look amazing in suits with a bit large size.

3- Big top & small bottom and vice versa:

You may go for a darker top with a lighter base in the first case to keep balance. Similarly, you can go for more light to and a relatively darker bottom in the second case, giving you an amazing and balanced look.

Woman body types:

Certain clothes look more elegant on you. That is because they are in accordance with your body type. Let’s have a look at somebody types:

1- Inverted triangle:

This body shape includes a broad shoulder, tiny waist, and narrow and slim legs. This shape is unique. Less than 5% of women fall into this category. Well fitted blouses and dark color jackets. The stretchy material will create a smaller appearance. A v neck, cowl neck, and square neck in flexible material always look great o the triangle shape. When it comes to bottom high waist pants and skirts will flatten your body and will highlight your curves. 

2- Hourglass:

This body shape looks like a typical sand timer. It has symmetric shoulders and hips and a tiny waist. Crop tops, wrap dresses, and pencil skirts suits on this body to make your curves more beautiful. It would help if you stayed away from the baggy and boxy dressing.

3- Banana:

This body shape has a shoulder, hips, and waist in the same width. This body shape requires showing waist to keep a balance. Shirts that end up at hips will give a beautiful appearance. Also, dresses with an empire waist will look amazing on you.

4- Pear shape:

This body shape has narrow shoulders as compared to the hip portion. You should wear pants that give a slim look to your hips and legs. Moreover, you can wear loose tops to make shoulder wider to keep a balance with the lower proportion. Vests and jackets will also help you to look elegant.


The term mentioned above helps you out to become more beautiful and attractive. You can choose whatever you like according to your dress. For example, if you decided to wear jeans and a button-down shirt, you may go for a belt, but it will look a bit odd with a skirt. You can roll up your sleeves. You can add a watch that will give a graceful look. If you have a loose collar, then a necklace will enhance your look. It is unnecessary to put a bigger necklace, but a delicate necklace can also greatly contribute to making you attractive. You can further increase by adding a scarf to your hair. The scarf gives an amazing look. It would be best if you chose according to the dress. Vist for more: lyallpurwalay.com/

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