The Irish Jewelry Company is announcing it is redirecting its focus to work on strengthening its online presences through blogging, social media and creating better user experience by updating its website to accommodate the shifting shopping habits due to Covid-19. The Irish Jewelry Company will be officially launching its blog, Irish Culture and Traditions in September. The pandemic has changed many peoples shopping habits and has officially solidified people’s confidence in eCommerce. Economic concerns continue to be widespread among small businesses like The Irish Jewelry Company. To survive any future closures due to Covid-19 in the future its clear every jewelry business needs a greater web presence with a great blog, and an improved user-friendly website with fabulous product. Today more people are turning to online shopping for their purchases at stores like, The Irish Jewelry Company for that unique piece of sentimental jewelry for that special occasion during these difficult times when people can get out as usual to shop. 

The Irish Jewelry Company blog will focus on the meaning and symbolism behind Irish jewelry. It will also have articles on Irish heritage revolving around customs, folklore, and superstitions. 
A strengthened focus on original design, high perceived value, brand recognition, and customer experience to garner more online market share will continue and accelerate in the upcoming months. 

Designing Jewelry for today’s savvy customer who shops online and enjoys good value is becoming more and more challenging. Today’s customer wants a modernistic and trendy look that reflects their personality either their beliefs, heritage, or personified sense of style all at an affordable price with fast flat rate shipping practically shipped yesterday thanks to Amazon. They are also looking for that piece that shares a story or has a significant meaning. The customer is looking for a more modern look then the traditional claddagh ring with a clean design that offers real value.

The Irish Jewelry Company’s collection of Irish jewelry is high quality and handcrafted and thankfully sells itself virtually. “For the company to compete online the website needs to be on par with the competition and to regain lost traffic due to google algorithm changes through grass roots marketing. “says owner, jewelry designer Jennifer Derrig.

It is important to make the online shopping experience a simply and convenient check out process with multiply streamlined method of payments like Amazon pay and PayPal. Upgrading our site will improve our speed both on desktop and mobile. A fast loading website and mobile shopping site is especially important. Offering a quality assortment of styles with beautiful signature gift wrap is important for the company’s brand. Customers can recognize the brand instantly by our signature white box, emerald green ribbon, and gold seal.

Beautiful jewelry is not enough on its own these days with the online competition from big box sites like Amazon and Etsy and recent Google algorithm changes. The product must be the highest of quality, and a great value rich in tradition. The website must be mobile friendly and offer great content. The plan is to provide customers with awesome content and blog, excellent service, improved check out and website speed, affordable prices, and branded presentation upon delivery. Especially during a pandemic when many people have more time to focus on the small details. Design, service, affordability, ease of shopping and fast shipping is their key to future success. The Irish Jewelry Company is directing its focus to work on strengthening its online presences to accommodate the shifting shopping habits.