When people talk about retirement villages, they think it is a caring institution for old age. But that is not even remotely true. Many retirement villages in Sydney are an independent choice of lifestyle for many people over 55 or more. They are communities where people are active and enjoy a quiet village lifestyle, doing what pleases them the most. These villages have people from different walks of life, most of them working, partially retried and always active.

Retirement villages are communal, which means one of the key aspects will always be social interactions with other people of the same demographic. Usually privately owned, there are about 2200 villages across the country with over 170000 residents.

Some Things To Check Out Before Opting For A Retirement Village:

  1. Lifestyle: The type of lifestyle can play a huge role in determining the kind of retirement home one wants to opt for. People can lean towards outdoor living, choose a city aesthetic or a private atmosphere. Once the lifestyle is fixed, the respective retirement villages in Sydney can be searched and explored.
  2. Take A Tour: Once a favourable match is made, it is best to take a tour around the area and check into various community services and activities available there.
  3. Get To Know The Residents and The Staff: Make sure the people are friendly and open-minded. It is an important factor, considering that the people who retire will be living there for quite some time. Talking with the residents will let the people know what type of life they lead there, and it’s a great way to get familiar with the place first hand.
  4. Future Health and Other Needs: Any health or other medical need must be immediately addressed before moving in.
  5. Research All Financial and Legal Advice: People moving in should first understand all the village policies and legal bindings before any agreement is made or contracts signed.
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Benefits Of Living In A Retirement Village:

  1. Peaceful: one can relax with the knowledge that everything that they need is just a call away. Besides, most of these villages are set in secluded and natural areas that give a sense of calmness and security.
  2. Emergency And Healthcare: As a resident, one will have access to registered nurses, practitioners, therapists and doctors at their beck and call. Many villages have adequate healthcare facilities with them, along with many emergency support systems—another way of ensuring that all the village residents are in good hands.
  3. Services and Facilities: Housekeeping, laundry and other services are always available round the clock so the residents won’t have to go through the hassle. All these services are aimed at making everyone’s lives more comfortable and satisfactory.

Other facilities like gyms, swimming pools, salons, gaming courts and indoor sports will also be available, although that mostly will depend upon the type of retirement village one will choose to settle in.

  1. Security: There will always be a dedicated system that keeps the residents safe and sound. Most retirement villages are connected with closed security cameras and onsite guards.
  2. Independence: Residents will have full autonomy over their activities and lifestyle. They can opt-out of various schedules and activities if they want to lead a more secluded life. There is a common myth that retirement villages aren’t always suited for a private or independent lifestyle, which is not factually accurate.