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Do you dream about working in your pajamas, avoiding the commute and moving to the country by being able to work remotely? Remote work is becoming ever more popular, but if you aren’t prepared for some of the hurdles you’ll encounter, it can be a disaster. Here are a few tips on making working remotely work for you.

Set Up Expectations

Whether only the situation or the whole job is new, it is important to set expectations with your boss. She will be trusting you to meet your obligations. You need to discuss whether you will be expected to work specific hours or if you can pick and choose your hours as long as you get them all in. Make sure you have regular video conferences with your employer to maintain a relationship and work on regular communication. Knowing your obligations and setting limits around them will also lessen the likelihood of working too much because it is convenient, or because you are concerned that your coworkers will think you aren’t working if you aren’t available every minute of the day.

Set Up an Office

You don’t sleep in the kitchen; don’t work from bed. Even if you have a very small area, delineate your workspace. If you have a family this lets them know when you are at work and not to be bothered. It also lets you keep your work separate from the rest of your life. Make sure you have a comfortable seat and enough space to write, set down your coffee, or anything else you’d be doing in the office. You might be in your pajamas, but treat work time as time in your office. It will help you avoid distraction and be worthy of the trust your employer has placed in you.

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Working from home really can be the dream that many people imagine. With some frank discussions and planning, you can live that dream.