Whenever you are charged in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a crime, whether it be a major felony offense or a minor misdemeanour, a Tulsa criminal lawyer with the right knowledge and skill is all you need to stand up to the prosecutor.

Tulsa Criminal Lawyer

A Tulsa criminal lawyer is a person that can advise you on how the criminal justice process works and also offer answers to your specific questions. At the inception of the accused crime, you might be persuaded or coaxed by the police and prosecutors to give up your rights.

Still, it is advisable to stand firm and seek help from a professional legal counsel who is well versed in Oklahoma law. Get the help of a Tulsa criminal lawyer who is very knowledgeable about the Tulsa court system to tell you what is at stake.

Practice areas by criminal Lawyers

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, criminal lawyers cover a wide range of criminal charges. Most of which include; sex crimes, animal cruelty, violent crimes, firearms, manslaughter, murder (1st Degree, 2nd Degree), conspiracy, embezzlement, shoplifting drug charges (possession, distribution, manufacturing), alcohol offenses (DUI/DWI), and bad checks.

So, whatever crime you have been charged with and face a determined effort by the state prosecutors to deprive you of your freedom, get a knowledgeable criminal lawyer to stand in the gap for you.

Oklahoma Criminal laws

Oklahoma has one of the harshest criminal penalties in the nation. Though the federal government does prosecute some crimes, most of the criminal charges come from the state. Oklahoma statutes address violent crimes such as manslaughter, various degrees of murder, armed robbery, and sexual assault.

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Oklahoma state laws prohibit property-related crimes such as fraud, burglary, and identity theft. The following include some of Oklahoma Criminal laws:

Oklahoma Capital Punishment Laws

This is commonly known as the criminal death penalty. Capital punishment is a registered legal sentence under Oklahoma’s criminal statutes for certain crimes committed. Ever since the reinstitution of the death penalty in 1976 by the Supreme Court, Oklahoma has executed 111 people, giving Oklahoma State one of the highest rates of execution per capita.

States in the United States of America have the freedom to craft their capital punishment laws. Though, only 18 states out of 32 states still have the death penalty laws in place.

Oklahoma Marijuana Laws

Oklahoma does not legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Though the northern neighbour Colorado was one of the earliest states to authorize the recreational use of marijuana, Oklahoma still prohibits the sale and possession of all marijuana.

In recent years a few marijuana-related bills have been sponsored, both for medicinal use and recreational use. Unfortunately, none has made it even to the hearing stage. Therefore, the sale and possession of marijuana in Oklahoma are illegal. The sales of marijuana are punishable by up to 20 years in prison, depending on the location and amount of sales and the seller’s criminal history.

Oklahoma identity Theft Laws

The advent of the internet in doing business has made us more susceptible to identity theft scams. Identity theft is the use of a different person’s identity for financial gain. In Oklahoma, there are statutes in place that protects its citizens against identity theft. Under the law in Oklahoma, identity theft is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison, $10,000 in fines, or both, along with possible restitution to the victim(s).

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Oklahoma Computer Crimes Laws

These days everyone is using a computer, and of course including criminals. Invasive viruses, annoying spams, hacking, and identity theft are ways criminals use computers. In Oklahoma, any wilful and without authorization attempt to bypass a computer for the sake of defrauding is punishable under Oklahoma Statutes Title 21, §§1952, et seq.: Computer Crimes Act.

Oklahoma Gun Control Laws

In the United States of America, gun control is one of the most heated discussions. However, both sides agree that safety comes first, and that’s the goal in Oklahoma. Different states restrict the use and purchase of firearms under their gun control laws.

Although the Second Amendment grants citizens pass to own and keep arms, certain weapons like sawed-off shotguns are illegal under Oklahoma law. Oklahoma does not impose a waiting period for prospective gun buyers, but they must not have had any felony conviction on their record and must be of legal age.