Well, the New Year has arrived. Though the major Holiday season is over with, don’t relax for too long. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and we don’t want you to get behind on the planning! If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry, we have your back! We have a few ideas to make sure you and your S.O. have a night you will never forget.

Document your day together

By documenting your day, you will be able to look back at the memories you made and relive them whenever you want. Take pictures all throughout the day. You can then create a free slideshow on your phone or get them printed on something from Shutterfly to immortalize the day. You can get it printed on a mug, mousepad, bag, a print to frame, or even a blanket, the possibilities are endless. Whatever you decide to choose, it will be a great reminder of the day, and it will help you remember the love you have for one another.

Decorate your space

A surprise Valentine’s delivery will take your space from every day to special instantly. There are so many different arrangements to choose from, so don’t pick just one! In order to make the day extra magical, you can fill your home with flowers. Have a bouquet waiting on your beau’s bedside table, on their bathroom vanity, in their car, and on the table when they get home from work.

Make a difference in your community

If you and your person have decided to not do presents this year, then the two of you should decide on a charity to donate money to together! You can pick something that means a lot to you two as a couple, or a charity that needs the extra help this year. You will feel great knowing that you could make a difference and it will give you those warm fuzzies you love to feel on Valentine’s Day.

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Share a yummy meal

If you are wanting to be in the kitchen more, now is your time to shine. There are so many recipes that will woo your person and help to make the night memorable. You can pick their favorite homemade dish, or try and find a copycat recipe of their favorite take-out meal. You will get some relaxing time in the kitchen, and then you will get to share the meal together. They will be so pleased with this one, they may even volunteer for dish duty!

Have an interactive dessert

Living in the middle of the city or in an apartment without a fireplace can really limit your adventurous dessert options. Because without a fire you can’t make s’mores! Well, with City Bonfire you can. Their candles will help you to roast those marshmallows no matter where you live. The bonfire comes in a tin and is made of FDA food grade soy wax. So, there are no harmful chemicals getting into those delicious desserts. You will get to roast them and enjoy them together! Sounds like a good time to us!

Set the mood

By getting candles and having music playing throughout the evening you can really make the night extra special. Pick songs that are special to the two of you and have them playing in the background. Or if you only have a few songs that come to mind, all major streaming platforms have love song playlists you can borrow from. Light their favorite candles and lower the lights. With just those few things you will take the mood of the room from every day to Valentine’s Day in no time.

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, as long as you put your heart into planning, you can’t go wrong. Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!