As you drive your car to and from places, you may find yourself spending more time in your vehicle than you realize. One of the accessories inside your car that may get damaged over time is the seats, both front and back. So how do you keep them in the best shape possible? Seat covers for cars are made in specifications to each year, make and model for the perfect fit and protection. They also come in a design and color to match your style and the interior of the vehicle.

Before choosing and adding the seat covers, there are a few things you should know that can keep the seat underneath in its best shape. This article covers everything you need to follow to use the cover as a protectant and design to get the best performance for your money. It will also help you to keep not only the seat but the surface in its prime of performance.

What To Do Before Installation of Seat Covers for Cars 

Before doing anything that is meant to last for years on a vehicle, you should always clean the underneath before installing accessories like seat covers for cars. Start by cleaning the car’s entire interior and shampooing or steam clean the seats along with everything that is cloth inside the vehicle. Vacuuming the car will not leave any dirt fibers or food in between the seat and seat cover. Steam cleaning or shampooing the seats will help remove any stains that may have accidentally found their way embedded into the material. Everything should dry completely before installing the seat covers.

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Some seats may have already been ripped or have holes in the upholstery. By adding the seat covers, it will keep the seat from getting worse. If you decide to have it fixed before adding the covers, it will work better.

Time To Install the Seat Covers

Everything is up to the owner of the vehicle as to the design, style, and color. Matching is available by putting the year make and model to find the perfect seat covers, and you can choose from the different options. The owner’s decision is if they want a professional to install the seat covers or if they wish to do it themselves.

Starting with the front seats, it is easiest to begin at the seat itself. Examining what you have to work with should be the first thing, so you are not stuck fighting everything as you install it. Some covers come with straps, S-hooks, or buckles. The bottom is always the most challenging part since it is lowest to the ground. Then you will move on to the back of the seat, where everything should tie together and fit snug.

The back seats are the same process and should follow the same steps as the front by doing the seats first, then the back part. Some come together as all in one so, reading and following the given instructions will save time and energy.

After Installation

Once the seat covers for cars are installed, they should look like the original seats. There should be no loose fabric or too tight material showing stretching. Having seat covers too tight or loose will cause damage to the product and eventually wearing through to the upholstery underneath.

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It is essential to take care of the covers the same as the seats themselves. By vacuuming and steam cleaning, it works as well on the upholstery as it does on the seat covers. Your seats will be protected from stains and tears.