Blanking out on ways to celebrate your friend’s birthday? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 8 ideas to make your friend’s birthday an extra special one. You and your friend will be remembering this one for years to come! Read on as we list a variety of ways you can wish your friend a very happy birthday. A very happy birthday to that very special friend of yours!

1. Day at the Pool

Everybody loves a day by the pool. Either you can host the birthday party at your own pool at home or book a cabana at a nearby luxury hotel. Don’t forget to bring birthday decorations, a charcuterie board, and a bucket of champagne! Not only will your friend feel at ease on their birthday by the pool, but they will be having a blast as well.

2. Surprise Roast

Why not throw a surprise birthday party at your home with all of your closest friends? If your friend teases well, have everyone prepare a roast for the birthday girl/boy/person. It will be a memorable night of comedy that you and your friends will be laughing about forever. Decorate your house and yard with birthday decorations like happy birthday yard signs. Your friend will be blown away by your effort of the surprise party and birthday decorations.

3. Brewery Tour

Tour around your town or city to experience the variety of breweries it has to offer! If you and your friends love beer, this will be an awesome option for your friend’s birthday celebration. You will be able to taste many different types of beer as well as learn how they are made. Plus, you will most likely gain some new favorite beers you would not expect you would like! As a birthday treat for your friend, grab a pack of their favorite beer from the tour for them to enjoy at home.

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4. Spa Day

Give your friend the birthday gift of a miniature getaway with a spa day. You and your friend can spend the day getting pampered together with a massage, facials, manicures, and hot springs. Nothing is more relaxing than a soothing spa day to release all the tension of your everyday life. Your friend will be thanking you for a day of ease and will feel refreshed to walk into their new age!

5. Camping

Take a weekend off to celebrate your friend’s birthday in the great outdoors! Head out to a campground or a national forest near you to hit off a great birthday for your friend. Grab your closest pals for a weekend of adventure and fun. You will want to bring a tent, hiking shoes, fixings for s’mores, a Bluetooth speaker for music, and plenty of snacks and beer.

6. Picnic

Celebrate your pal’s birthday by planning a picnic at your local park, beach, or really anywhere scenic. Make the afternoon super special by bringing a basket full of mini champagne bottles, cupcakes, fine cheeses, and fruit. Decorate your spot with cute blankets and fun pillows for your friends to get comfortable. It will be a birthday celebration full of class and fun!

7. Hire a Private Chef

Eat a delicious, five-star meal by a private chef cooking straight in your home! You will knock it out of the park by hiring a private chef to cook for your friend’s birthday. This will be an intimate experience for you and your friends to wine and dine in a comfortable setting. Tell the chef some of your friend’s favorite foods and they will whip up an incredible meal with those in mind. Bon appetit!

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8. Book an Airbnb

Go all out for your best friend and book an Airbnb for the weekend! You and your friends can pick a destination or simply a cool house near you to feel like you are on a getaway. Airbnb is a great alternative to a hotel and makes you feel like you have a home away from home. You and your friends can let loose as you can book an entire house to yourself – bonus if you can find one with a pool or hot tub! Make the weekend extra fun by bringing wine and lots of games.

With this guide, you’ll have creative ideas for many years to come. Happy celebrating!