How we spend our time says a lot about who we are as people. If we take part in group activities, maybe that means we are extroverted and thrive off of social environments. If we take part in solo hobbies, maybe we like to be more introspective and enjoy our alone time. So, what do your hobbies say about you? What hobbies are you ruling out because you think you have tried it all? Well, we have a few easy and budget-friendly hobby ideas for you to get into that might change your narrative!


Yes, cross-stitch, like the thing your grandma used to do. This is one that is time-consuming but so rewarding. And, if you are detail-oriented, this is one that you will excel at! If you aren’t, it might be a good challenge for you to try out! It is a fun project that you can work on to make a memorable present for someone, too!


There are so many ways to work out for free. You can, of course, walk or run around your neighborhood, take an outdoor weekly yoga class, or you can even watch free workout videos on the web. The possibilities are endless when it comes to working out for cheap; you just have to be willing to look!


Ok, we know this one doesn’t sound too budget-friendly because you have to invest in a high-quality camera, but you can also take up photography with just your phone! There are tons of phone photography tutorials that are available to educate yourself with! Before you know it, you will be taking jaw-dropping photos with something you already own!

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Food Blogging

Going to local restaurants and reviewing them is a great hobby to take up. You have to eat anyway, so why not write about it and tell the world? You can start your own blog or use an online review site. If you aren’t the writing type, document your reviews in a video and post that on social media instead! By uploading them on social media, you are not only able to share with your followers your experience, but you can also learn about new places to try from them.

Resin Work

You will need cold casting supplies to have success with this hobby, but they are affordable and versatile for lots of different hobbies that require resin. Things like making coasters, casting figurines, fishing lures, and even taxidermy all use resin to create incredible masterpieces. You can even use different additives to make resin castings that look like metal. This is a cheap way to create things that look more expensive.

Cooking or Baking

If you are not the eating out type, home cooking and baking may be just for you! Now, we aren’t expecting you to be the next Paul Hollywood, but if you can follow a recipe, you are set with this one. Investing in a fun cookbook will help you learn some easy and yummy recipes. You can also find tons, and we mean tons, of recipes online. Plus, the fruit of your labor make a great gift  to share with others! You can really gauge how well you are doing by sharing what you make online and getting feedback!

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This may not sound like a fun hobby, but it is one that will highly benefit you and those in your life. You can get a planner and deck it out in colors and stickers to make it your own. It will help you stay organized, focused, and on track—even when you are at your busiest. You will look forward to the days when you can sit down with your planner and get ready for the next week!

Whatever hobby it is that you choose, we hope you pick one that allows you to shine and be your most creative self!