The only thing better than getting a new house is throwing the housewarming party.

Getting invited to a housewarming party, however, can be a bit tricky. No one wants to be the friend with the lukewarm gift—even though the party has the word “warm” in its name, your gift needs to be straight fire.

Here are some ideas to make a great impression on your homeowner friends, so you’re always first on the guestlist for the many parties to come.

#1 The Perfect Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are wonderful gifts: they’re thoughtful, charming, enriching, and they double as decor.

The key to finding the perfect coffee table book is to get one that has as stylish a cover as it does great content. Also, you want to cater the book’s theme to your friend’s personal taste.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • If they like fashion – Get them “In Vogue, the Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine” by Norberto Angeletti
  • If they like music – Get them “1000 Record Covers” by Michael Ochs
  • If they like cars – Get them “Porsche 911: 50 Years” by Randy Leffingwell
  • If they like architecture – Get them “Oscar Niemeyer” from Assouline
  • If they like interior design – Get them “100 Interiors Around the World” from Taschen

Who needs a fancy smart speaker or high-tech clock when you have coffee table books to make you look smarter?

#2 A Hanging Plant

Nothing livens up a space more than some lush greenery in a stylish hanger. Hanging plants are stylish and mood-boosting, beautiful and refreshing. They bring a double meaning to “keeping it fresh.”

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Whether you go for a modern feel with a succulent in a spherical glass planter or enhance your friend’s boho aesthetic with a long pothos plant in a macrame hanger, you really can’t go wrong with this lively gift.

#3 Cook Up Something for the Kitchen

With a new house comes a new kitchen. While not all homeowners are excited to use theirs, some can’t wait to break in their new stovetops and ovens. What better way to gratify your food-loving friends than with some stellar cookware?

Here are a few ideas to get your thoughts stirring:

  • Buy them a fun, semi-obscure kitchen tool that they’d never buy for themselves, like a 4-in-1 air fryer or Russian piping tips.
  • A multi-functional 2 qt baking dish is the perfect gift for new homeowners that love cooking without all the hassle.
  • Put together a kit for an easy recipe that your friend can whip up in their free time. Our suggestion? Put some cacao powder, a can of condensed milk, and a little jar of sprinkles in a basket for a Brazilian brigadeiro

Housewarming-Gifts 4 Great Housewarming Gifts They'll Love

#4 Lift Their Spirits

Everyone knows that buying and moving into a house can be stressful. That’s why every homeowner will appreciate a guest that knows how to take the edge off.

Here are some drink-themed gifts to make your friend’s housewarming even warmer:

  • A sleek wine chiller to keep that celebratory champagne nice and cool all day.
  • A beginner’s cocktail set including a stirring spoon, a shaker, and a strainer.

No better gift will shake (not stir) up a housewarming party. After all, they’re called spirits for a reason.

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Don’t Forget the Most Important Gift of All

The most expensive and elaborate housewarming gifts don’t hold a candle to your heartwarming presence. When your friends move into their house, chances are they’re a bit stressed with the process and just want to share this exciting moment with the people they love.

Step up to the plate by bringing your best self to the party and use their home the way it’s supposed to be used: to make beautiful memories.