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Freezing automotive batteries might permit their protected transport in a less expensive and environmentally pleasant method, researchers report.

Presently, transporting broken and faulty automotive batteries is an costly course of, as a result of they want an explosion proof field that prices hundreds of .

An explosion proof field to move a typical Tesla sized battery prices greater than $11,000 and additional hundreds for the UN accreditation. Now, the brand new analysis makes transporting them in plastic containers that price a number of hundred extra accessible.

Explosion bins are essential to include the battery in case it goes into thermal runway, an overheating situation which may result in violent explosions and poisonous gases being launched. Cryogenically flash freezing the batteries, nevertheless, fully removes the danger of an explosion.

Grandjean wears a white lab coat and a safety mask as he looks down into a container with white gas rising out of it containing the batteryThomas Grandjean handles the battery cell frozen by liquid nitrogen. (Credit score: U. Warwick)

Within the paper within the Journal of Vitality Storage, the researchers spotlight that cryogenic freezing doesn’t cut back lithium ion battery’s vitality capability or have an effect on cycle or service life, and will permit for safer transportation.

Researchers examined the batteries exercise earlier than they froze cells with liquid nitrogen and after, in addition they drove nails by way of the frozen cell to check the security of them, and confirmed that freezing didn’t have an effect on their efficiency.

The flat, white battery has a nail going through it as it sits on a black blockA frozen battery cell with a nail by way of it. (Credit score: U. Warwick)


When transporting batteries, they must be saved in a lorry at -35 levels C (-31 levels F), nevertheless the quantity of packaging is considerably lower than explosion proof bins, making the method extra sustainable.

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“Transporting broken and faulty batteries is an costly and unsustainable course of, nevertheless with the ability to freeze them with liquid nitrogen might save hundreds of kilos and assist electrical automobile producers be extra sustainable,” says Thomas Grandjean from the College of Warwick.

“We examined the batteries in probably the most excessive abuse situations, equivalent to driving nails by way of the cells and inducing exterior brief circuits, proving that the freezing course of is efficient and protected.”

The researchers had been a part of the ELEVATE challenge, which obtained funding from. ESPRC, Catapult, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Supply: College of Warwick