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Realme is a trendy Chinese smartphone manufacturer preparing to launch its first high-end smartphone in the international market. As per the company sources, they are looking forward to having a better global presence and willing to expand their market shares in Europe.

The company founded in 2018 will give tough time to its business contenders that have been in the market for decades now. Realme will confront the business against well-established smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

These smartphone manufacturers have dominated the mobile industry, with their high-end smartphones coming out every year. But, in a short time, Xiaomi has rapidly expanded in the international market.

Realme Unveiled High-End Flagship Smartphones

According to our sources, the company (Realme) unveiled its flagship devices GT 2 and GT 2 Pro on Monday at the International Mobile World Congress organized in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to being the company’s debut attendance at the world’s largest mobile trade convention, it also demonstrates its intention to expand its market share outside of China.

Customers are not even utterly familiar with Realme in Western Europe and the United States. But, the company is growing and expanding rapidly in the Chinese market. We can conclude it will take a significant part of smartphone sales coming this year from its expansion.

Realme Ready to Cater Global Market

According to Counterpoint Research, Realme delivered 20.65 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, representing a 48 percent year-on-year increase in volume. However, we have also noticed the drop in sales of Apple, whereas Samsung showed a slight change in revenue with an 8 percent increase.

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As per data statistics, being a small smartphone company, Realme holds a meager percentage of 6 percent in the global smartphone market. While on the other hand, Apple sold more than 80 million devices to the international market during the last year Quarter. (Source: Counterpoint Research Statistics)

Will Realme hit the global market as expected?

Realme has made significant inroads in areas with more price-conscious customers, where its lower-priced, high-spec phones have found an audience.

It is the second-largest participant in the Indian smartphone market. This year, CEO Li hopes to sustain the company’s strong performance. So, we can say that Realme is about to give a tough time to its global contenders.

Realme confronts many hurdles in its effort to acquire a foothold in the high-end market, most notably attempting to persuade people to buy their products instead of from established competitors like Apple, Samsung, and even Xiaomi. The GT 2 will sell for roughly $600, while the GT 2 Pro will cost around $800.