google pixel 6a launch
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After months of speculation, it seems that the Pixel Watch and the less-controversial Pixel 6a are finally on their way to stores.

A US carrier’s back-end inventory system has started to show evidence of both devices. In addition to hinting at a possible debut date, we also learn more about the smartphones’ colours and storage capacities.

According to one of our sources, the Pixel Watch has been seen in a US carrier’s inventory system. Gray, black, and gold are the three hues in the database.

Samsung’s next wristwatch, the Galaxy Watch5, is expected to include 32GB of storage, more than twice as much storage as its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch4.

Since Verizon has yet to offer a non-cellular wristwatch, it’s safe to assume that the Pixel Watch will be available with a cellular connection. We haven’t seen any pricing or release date information yet.

Our sources also tell that “bluejay,” the codename for the Pixel 6a, has appeared in a carrier database. According to the system, the phone is also available in black, white, and green. There would be 128GB of storage in each of the three colors.

We haven’t seen any price or release date information like the Pixel Watch yet. There are no clear signs that both of these devices will be released by the carrier back end at around the same time.

Pixel 6a might come in May, around the time of Google I/O, according to leaker Max Jambor, so all of this new hardware could arrive well before summer. The hardware strategy is a core part of Google’s business model.