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New capabilities for Spaces, which are on the same level as WhatsApp, are being introduced into Google Chat as part of Google’s effort to offer select users more control over the administration of their area.

The features included creating Space Managers, Space standards, and Space descriptions. According to a Google blog post, it was designed to assist users in better organizing people, topics, and projects in general.

The function of the Space Manager has been expanded. They may now add descriptions to Spaces and write standards that establish norms and expectations for members, resulting in a more secure community experience overall.

According to Google’s announcement in a blog post, the Manager’s job gives tools to support healthy interactions while also controlling the availability of Space within an organization. By default, those that create Space will be Space Managers. However, if they so choose, they may delegate the responsibility to other Space members.

Users will now submit descriptions to Google’s Space search results. Using this field, you may specify the goal of the Space, for example, a place to discuss all things asteroid-related, which provides a valuable context for those who are a part of it.

When establishing a new space or clicking “View space information” for an existing Space, users may describe the Space they are viewing.

The option to provide descriptions will be accessible on both the online and mobile application versions. Users may access space descriptions by selecting “View space details” from the “Browse Spaces” view or by selecting “View space details” while in the “Browse Spaces” view.

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These new features began trickling out to users on February 28. The post of Space Manager is anticipated to be expanded to include more people by March 14, 2022.

The Space descriptions and Space guidelines are expected to be released later this month during the same period.