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Apple decides to suspend its sales and services temporarily in Russia. Russian customers will no longer purchase Apple products through the Apple Store. As per sources reported on Tuesday, the corporation has decided after Russia invaded Ukraine last week, and as other Western companies are progressively breaking connections with the nation.

According to the corporation, there are no Apple items accessible for purchase or delivery in Russia on the business’s online Russian site. Russian authorities have barred Apple from operating any physical Apple shops.

RT News and Sputnik News, both owned by the Russian government, have been removed from the Apple App Store, except Russia, the company stated on Tuesday.

In reaction to the invasion, we have taken a variety of measures. All product sales in Russia have been halted. As of the beginning of this week, we have suspended all shipments into our country’s sales channel.

Apple Pay and other services have been restricted in their availability thus far. Aside from Russia, users outside the country will no longer access RT News and Sputnik News through the App Store.

An Apple spokeswoman spoke to a news agency. He confirmed that the company had blocked traffic and real-time events on Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary step for the country’s people.

Apple’s decision to halt sales in Russia on Tuesday underscores the difficulties that American corporations are experiencing due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Logistics, the plummeting value of the Russian currency, and getting Russian clients to pay have all proven difficult for businesses since Western credit card services were restricted in the country.

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Dell said last week that it was suspending sales in Ukraine and Russia. Nike has also announced that it would no longer sell items in Russia, according to a note on its website. Ford said on Tuesday that its joint venture activities in Russia had been terminated.