It’s so sudden.

One day you’re fine, and the next you’re in the hospital fighting for your life trying to recover from a stroke. There was just no way to predict it or see it coming on.

Or is that really true?

Most people think that strokes are one-off occurrences that aren’t related to any previous health issues. But the truth is that there are often several warning signs of a stroke that manifest before the stroke itself.

If you know how to recognize these early symptoms of a stroke, then you may be able to save yourself or a loved one from a very dangerous medical situation. To help you do just that, we’ve written this article on the early signs of a strike.

Drooping Face

The first thing to look for in a stroke that may be about to occur is one side of the face is numb. This happens because strokes affect the brain, and each side of the brain affects the opposite half of the body. So if a stroke is about to happen or is ongoing, then one can expect one side of the face to be numb or appear dysfunctional.

The person who exhibits this symptom will have a droopy smile, and will not be able to fully feel a touch on the affected side of the face due to numbness.


The next early warning sign of a stroke is sudden confusion. Again, remember that strokes affect the brain, where all the mental processing in your body takes place. So if someone suddenly appears confused, having difficulty processing simple concepts, then they may be affected by a stroke at that very moment.

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To judge whether or not the person you are interacting with is exhibiting this symptom, ask them simple questions like their name, what they’re doing, what they had to eat recently, etc. Any slowness in answering these questions could be a dangerous indicator.

Severe Headache

Do you normally live a migraine-free life? Can you not remember the last time you reached for some Advil or a pill of ibuprofen? Do you now for some reason all of a sudden have a terrible headache that just won’t go away?

If so, then the issue may be being caused by an oncoming headache. Make sure to get yourself checked into an urgent care before too much time passes.

Walking Trouble

Last but not least, another warning sign of a stroke is walking trouble. When the brain gets affected by a stroke, dizziness and loss of balance are a logical consequence. Thus, anyone who is about to undergo a stroke is likely going to have a hard time keeping themselves walking in a straight line.

If walking trouble is something you have constantly due to a bad back, then you may need multiple sclerosis services.

Know These Warning Signs of a Stroke

There you have it. Equipped with the knowledge of these early warning signs of a stroke, you should now be far better able to get ahead of a stroke that is about to occur and save yourself or a loved one from serious brain damage.

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