Radish helps to cleanse our liver and abdomenRadish Kheer has richness of kheer and advantages of mooliThus excessive in fibre vegetable improves immunity

What’s the most typical dessert of India? It is kheer! It is usually referred to as payasam/payasa within the southern a part of India, payesh in Bengal and payok in Assam. Loaded with sweetness and enriched with the goodness of milk, fruits and nuts, this Indian dessert is a deal with to each style bud and an indispensable a part of any celebration or festivity. Kheer is generally made out of rice and vermicelli (Sewaiyan). However at the moment, individuals experiment quite a bit with kheer and one in all such is radish kheer (mooli ka kheer). Right here, with the richness of kheer, one additionally will get the advantages of mooli (radish).

Radish has a number of well being advantages. It helps to cleanse our liver and abdomen. Furthermore, this excessive in fibre vegetable improves immunity, works nice for coronary heart, controls blood sugar and retains us hydrated.


Radish has a number of well being advantages

This is The Recipe For Radish Kheer (Mooli Ka Kheer)


Radish- Four (grated)

Milk- 1 litre

Almonds- 7-Eight (sliced)

Cashew- Eight-10 (damaged)

Raisin- 10-12

Cardamom- Four-5 items

Grated dry coconut- 2 tbsp

Bay leaves- 2

Jaggery powder- 1 cup (could also be some extra as per style)

Ghee- 2 tbsp

Saffron- 1 pinch

Salt- 1 pinch


Steam the grated radish in sizzling water, pressure it effectively and let it dry for a while; maintain it apart.

Take a sauce pan, boil the milk for 5 minutes with bay leaves and crushed cardamom.

Take some milk from the pan in a cup and blend the saffron and maintain apart.

Put ghee in a frying pan and saute the radish until it will get mild brown in color.

Put the sautéed radish within the milk and stir it constantly, until it will get boiled effectively.

When you see the radish is boiled and the milk has lowered to a bit thicker consistency, put the saffron combined milk within the pan and stir once more.

In the meantime, fry the cashew nut and raisin in ghee until its mild brown in color.

Now, put the cashew, raisin, sliced almond and grated coconut within the saucepan and stir every part for 2-Three minutes.

While you really feel the kheer has bought its desired consistency, put the jaggery powder and a pinch of salt and blend.

If you would like, you need to use white sugar as a substitute of jaggery powder and add two scoops of milk powder within the kheer (milk powder enhances the flavour).

Lastly, the scrumptious and wholesome ‘Mooli ka Kheer’ is able to be served. You may have the kheer sizzling in addition to chilly. Take pleasure in!

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