For women, the word hormone refers to varied feelings. Young women are in search of the perfect pill, and the more vivid is concerned with menopause, PMS, and aging. Present today is a brief reflection on the revolution of the feminine hormonal balance as viewed by a hormone balancing expert.

The Importance of Hormones

Today women are very concerned with their individual hormonal metabolism. There are countless doubts and comparisons at the moment when some achieve better performances to sculpt their bodies in the gym. Hormones are the basis for an immense range of endogenous functions. Knowing how to optimize them makes a huge difference in the life of any individual.

The Contraceptives

After many doctors indiscriminately prescribe contraceptives, many things have changed. The hormonal processes in the body of women who ingest the pills are no longer occurring naturally. Contraceptives prevent ovulation, therefore, they prevent the production of progesterone and that is where the problem begins. You want to understand everything about birth control.

Assessing the Female’s Hormone Balance

Every woman should be individually evaluated to assess her hormonal balance. There is an explanation of why many women have a greater facility to sculpt their bodies through exercises. This ease comes from optimal levels of hormones, thyroid, and testosterone. Many people think that testosterone is only important for men, which is a delusion because it is important for women too.

Detachment from Genetics

The truth is that no one should be imprisoned by genetics. In case your levels are low, there is a solution! A hormonal optimization therapy through the nutrient is the bio-identical hormonal balance can bring benefits to the woman. The therapy returns all the benefits that she is entitled to derive from her hormonal nature. Nobody needs to be hostage to their genetics, and that is the minimum we can expect from the evolution of medicine.

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The Menopause Factor

Menopause is also a determinant of one’s hormone balance. For every 4 women, 3 experience unpleasant symptoms in the latter years of their lives, which typically starts from age 48. The waves of heat, flushing, sweating, palpitations, and anxiety last between one and five minutes and can repeat several times a day. The fall in the levels of sex hormones brings alterations such as:

  • Urinary incontinence and burning when urinating
  • Ease of acquiring urinary tract infections and runs
  • Muscles in the region weaken
  • Big thinner lips, vaginal mucosa loses elasticity and can even bleed and hurt on penetration
  • Decreased libido
  • Weaker and drier skin and nails
  • Collagen begins to be lost at a rate of 2% per year during the first ten years of menopause.

Every year that passes 1 to 4% of bone mass is reduced. There is a tendency for depression, memory difficulties, mood fluctuations, melancholy, crying spells, and many other scary things that only happen due to the reduction of some hormones.


If the body’s own hormones were harmful, 20-year-old girls, at their hormonal apex, would have all those health problems mentioned above. But, pay attention; these problems happen precisely in the phase where the woman is lacking hormones. There is a very specific structural difference between the formula of natural Progesterone and the one sold as Progesterone. Hormonal balance therapy is a natural means of fixing the problem. When performed by a specialist like Dominique Fradin Read; following all criteria and protocols, it is extremely safe and effective. It is possible to metabolically balance and optimize the ideal hormone levels for each person.

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