The rehab care center treatment and rehabilitation program at most centers provide therapeutic services in a systematic and structured way, offering patients greater support, particularly those with drug dependence who live in unfavorable social environments, where the supply of consumption is high and is generally associated with situations of violence and even crime.

Community Support

Treatment is usually provided by a team of medical specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers committed to the care, attention, and treatment of patients with addiction problems. Most rehab programs also have the support of volunteers and social participation networks such as mutual aid groups, non-governmental organizations, and other community groups that support the process of rehabilitation and social reintegration of the patient.

The Age Requirement

Treatment at most Denver Rehab centers begin at age 16 years and older. In the case of patients under 18 years of age, it is necessary that they attend an integration program accompanied by a family member, legal guardian, or adult who is responsible for the treatment. It is important that parents and/or other family members or people important to the patient participate in the treatment, as this improves the results of the treatment.

Duration of the Treatment

How long does the treatment last? Depending on the severity of the problem, the patient may attend the center for one to three months, three to five days a week with a stay of four to eight hours a day. When the treatment ends, the patient continues to be accompanied in scheduled reinforcement sessions to avoid relapses.

Further Testing

What is the rapid urine drug test and what is it for? The application of a rapid test allows detecting drug use in urine is applied when there is suspicion that the patient has consumed drugs or to corroborate that the patient is abstinence. The fact that patients know that a drug test can be applied at any time is a component that helps control their urge to use and that they may have a relapse. The rapid urine drug test is an important support in treatment that encourages the patient to remain in abstinence.

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If the patient has to be hospitalized, it usually lasts for ninety days so the appropriate treatment can be administered. There is a treatment modality with a duration of 30 days for particular cases, coupled with the presence of some type of work, school, economic, or another impediment.

Financial Matters

What would happen to the treatment of a patient if he does not have the financial means to cover his fee? Treatment is not typically denied to any person who requires admission. Agreements or strategies are established with the family to cover the minimum costs of the treatment. There are also payment schedules that can be appropriated to help the family.


If you have a teen family member who needs help being rehabilitated; whether in a Denver rehab care center or a short residential program, it is best to take action now and not wait for things to get out of hand.