You may not give health insurance a second thought if you’re young and healthy. However, even the healthiest and youngest people can sustain accidental injuries, develop minor to severe illnesses, and require routine preventive exams. Listed below are five reasons you should purchase an appropriate health care insurance plan, no matter your age!

Protects from Unexpected Costs

It’s no secret that medical care is expensive, and the dollars can add up fast. Before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of medical bills. That’s why health insurance is a must, as it can prevent the stress and misfortune of unexpected health care expenses after an injury, illness, or emergency. Accidents happen, and, as always, it’s best to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Preventive Care

A good health insurance plan allows you to see your doctor for annual check-ups to make sure your body is completely healthy. Early detection is vital for early treatment, which can successfully prevent further complications and higher medical bills down the road. Preventive care is one of the best ways to enjoy optimal health and peace of mind! Wouldn’t you rather pay a $25 co-pay for a routine physical exam than pay $1000 for a treatment that could’ve easily been avoided in the first place?

How to Pick an Insurance Plan

It’s essential to have health insurance and pick the right plan for your individual needs. A professional like Joel Lee Health Markets can sit down with you, discuss your options, and guide you through the confusing aspects of health care coverage. Professionals can help find the perfect plan for you, whether you are single or have a family. A few important things to consider when picking a plan are:

  • Your Health Status
    Do you currently have a lot of health issues, or are you relatively healthy overall? Your risk level directly impacts your health care coverage needs.
  • Your Job/Qualifications
    Do you have a job? If so, do you get health benefits? Do you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare? It may be easier to get a quality, affordable plan than you think.
  • Your Income
    What are you willing to pay for adequate coverage? Although the cheapest plans may be appealing, they may not offer the best value for your money.
  • Your Coverage Priorities
    Do you visit your doctor quite a bit? Or is it every once in a while? The more you go, the less you’ll probably want to pay for copays and deductibles.
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