Kareena Kapoor Khan's Night Shoot Was Full Of Some Sinful Chocolatey Indulgences

Kareena Kapoor Khan was seen bingeing on some scrumptious chocolate muffins in her new publish.


Kareena Kapoor Khan let her hair down on this new videoThe actress was seen indulging in some scrumptious chocolate dishesHer evening schedule ended, and she or he and her crew indulged and the way

Celebrities are underneath the lens 24 by 7. There is not a second that their lives aren’t within the limelight as wherever they go, they’re adopted by followers and the paparazzi. Their rigorous diets and busy schedules seldom permit room for responsible indulgences and cheat meals. Nonetheless, Kareena Kapoor Khan modified that in a brand new video that surfaced on social media. Her supervisor, Naina Sawhney, shared a video of the actress and her complete crew simply letting their hair down and bingeing on some scrumptious meals after a busy evening schedule. The meals that they had regarded sinfully good, have a look right here:

The whole crew may very well be seen indulging in some decadent chocolate muffins or brownies with layers of chocolatey goodness. The stays of the muffins may very well be seen in Naina’s publish, with completely different toppings on every cake or brownie. There was one cake with chopped fruits and nuts, one other with chocolate shavings, and one more cake topped with crunchy rolled oats. Each cake regarded higher than the opposite. Kareena Kapoor and her crew may very well be seen having fun with the muffins within the video, whereby Kareena proclaimed, “We’re not stuffed in any respect!”

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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s supervisor Naina Sawhney celebrated her birthday the identical day. She and the remainder of Kareena’s workforce had ordered a scrumptious trying creamy butterscotch cake earlier within the day too. Test it out:

It is all the time fantastic to see celebrities letting their hair down and simply indulging in some responsible treats every so often. This is hoping Kareena Kapoor Khan and her workforce shoot extra such evening schedules, accompanied by some fantastic meals!