Despite recent advancements in medicine and technology, the healthcare industry continues to grow each year. In the next decade, experts expect it to grow by 15%, much faster than most other jobs and fields.

Whether you currently work in the healthcare industry or are thinking about becoming a part of it, there are a ton of great job options to choose from. However, this diversity can also make it difficult to narrow in on a single career.

So what are some of the top jobs that you can choose from? Keep reading for a healthcare careers list of some of the most satisfying options you can choose from.

Nurse Practitioner 

If you want to become a health professional that works to make people feel comfortable, then a nurse practitioner might be the perfect job for you.

Nurse practitioners work to diagnose patients, recommend and prescribe medications, and encourage treatments that will help people feel better. They are the first face that patients see which means that they need to be warm and friendly.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses, so you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. Nursing school can be hard and grueling, but it’s worth it in the end.

If you get through school and get a good job at a hospital, you can enjoy an average salary of $107,030.

Physical Therapist 

Physical therapists are a type of general practitioner. They work with patients that have suffered injuries or life-altering accidents, with the goal being to get them back to how they were before.

As a physical therapist, you’ll create treatment plans, measure patient flexibility and strength, and advise patients and other healthcare professionals.

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To become a physical therapist, you’ll need a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Aside from that, you’ll need a license that requires you to pass a physiotherapy exam.

Physical therapists have an average salary of $88,000.


If you work well in high-pressure situations and want to help save people’s lives, consider becoming a surgeon.

Surgeons perform different operations on people. These can range from removing organs to repairing defective ones.

As all TV medical dramas show, one mistake can lead to disaster, which is why staying calm and being able to think clearly is so important.

Surgeons need to go through years of schooling. A bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree are a must, as is going through medical residency and passing a certification exam.

All of that schooling is an investment, though. Surgeons make an average salary of $396,000.

Cardiovascular Technician 

The human heart is an amazing organ, and if it’s what interests you most about the human body, consider becoming a cardiovascular technician. You’ll get to use defibrillators, stent implants, and check for different forms of heart disease.

To become a cardiovascular technician, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in radiology technology or nursing. You’ll then need to pass certain tests and certifications which prove that you fully understand the heart and its intricacies.

As a cardiovascular technician, you can expect to earn a salary of around $67,000.

Dental Hygienist 

If the mouth is the area of the human body that interests you the most, then look into becoming a dental hygienist. These specialists work under a dentist, cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, and doing all of the other preliminary steps of a dental visit.

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To become a dental hygienist, you’ll need to have an associate’s degree, as well as an accompanying license.

Keep in mind that a dental hygienist is different than a dental assistant. Assistants sterilize equipment, take patients to treatment rooms, and get them ready for their procedures. Assistants also need to go through their own unique dental assistant program.

The average dental hygienist salary is around $74,000.


Some people are interested in medicine and healthcare but also have a passion for animals. If you fall into that category, then a career as a veterinarian could be a natural fit for you.

Vets work to provide general and emergency care to dogs, cats, and other pets. They handle everything from dental care and general checkups to physical examinations and immunizations. They might also have to euthanize an old or sick animal.

After getting a bachelor’s degree, vets need to have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After that, they’ll need to get a license.

Veterinarians can expect to make around $93,830 per year.


Pharmacists are medical professionals that assist patients with prescription drugs. Almost all pharmacists work inside pharmacies.

As a pharmacist, you’ll work to get prescription medications ready for patients. You’ll need to have the necessary knowledge to advise people on how to take their medication, as well as how to store it in their homes.

More senior-level pharmacists also help train younger pharmacists and trainees.

If you’re interested in becoming a pharmacist, you’ll need to have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. As is the case with many other medical careers, you’ll also have to pass several certifications to get a state-issued license.

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As a pharmacist, you’ll make a great salary. The average salary hovers around $126,000 a year.

Use This Healthcare Careers List

The health field is broad and expansive, which means that if you’re considering becoming a health professional, you need to know what your options are.

The jobs mentioned in this healthcare careers list are some of the most fulfilling options available. Many of them are also well-paying. Use this list to help you decide which job is right for you!

Which medical profession are you most interested in? Before you go and start diving into it, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more career-related advice and tips.