Escape rooms are all the rage these days as the newest entertainment extravaganza. The premise is simple: a team of players gets together to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks in a series of rooms all as the clock is ticking. But what goes into the making of these complex games? Read on to find out about what goes on behind-the-scenes.

There’s an art to it

An incredible amount of artistry and creativity goes into the making of escape rooms. Escape rooms are typically designed around a theme. Popular themes include Magic & Fantasy, Outer Space, Zombie, or historical topics like the Golden Age of Piracy, Jack the Ripper’s Victorian England, the Wild West, and more. It’s all about immersing yourself in a story of your choosing. That’s why every detail is thoughtfully crafted, from set to prop design, to make your experience as realistic and appealing as possible.

Safety comes first

The safety of escape room users is always a primary concern in the design of these special spaces. All special amusement buildings are strictly required to follow safety measures including having an automatic fire detection, alarm, and sprinkler system, as well as an emergency intercom and exit signs and lighting. These are just some of the precautions designers take to ensure that users are in safe hands.

We’ve thought it through

Escape room experiences are carefully considered from every possible angle. Escape room consultants and designers come from a range of fields like psychology, engineering, and theater design, to name just a few. They test out the routes, check that the game unfolds at a natural pace, and work in puzzles of all different kinds to keep you on your toes, from chess and ciphers to anagrams and more.

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It only gets better

As escape rooms enjoy increasing popularity, they are evolving to become ever-more exhilarating. One major trend is the merging of virtual reality with real-life escape rooms. Users may be equipped with headsets or handheld controllers that connect them to a simulated environment, opening up all sorts of possibilities for more and more fun.