If you’re the proud owner of a paintball gun, then you’re going to want to make sure that the device is clean and well-maintained. Unfortunately, many people choose not to clean their paintball guns because they find the practice to be boring and mundane.

However, if you want to extend the lifespan of the gun and make sure that it performs properly on the field, you’re going to need to clean it regularly. If you don’t wash your gun after several days, the paintballs might explode inside the barrel.

You shouldn’t put off cleaning your paintball. If you wait too long, then you may end ruining the parts and will need to buy new ones.

Because each paintball gun is unique, they need to be cleaned in unique ways. However, there are some general cleaning methods that any paintball gun owner can utilize to make sure that their gun is clean and ready to go.

So if you’re interested in learning more, then keep on reading and we’ll teach you everything that you need to know about cleaning a paintball gun.

1. Remove the CO2 or the Air Tank

When you’re cleaning your paintball gun, safety should be at the top of your mind. Before you actually start doing any cleaning, you want to make sure that you get rid of the CO2 or air tank. This is going to stop any accidental fire or damages.

If you don’t take out the CO2 tank, then you’re taking on unnecessary risk. You could end up hurting yourself or the people around you.

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2. Take the Gun Apart

When you take your gun apartment, you want to make sure that you do it carefully. This includes disassembling the grip frame, barrel, bolt, and hopper.

After you take it all apart, you want to set aside all of the parts in an organized fashion. This will help you to easily reassemble everything later.

3. Clean the Barrel

The scrubbing process starts by checking the barrel out. Rinse off any dirt outside of the barrel and run a swab to clean the inside.

You can also use a sponge to thoroughly clean the barrel. Stuff it into the barrel and then pull it out to fully clean the inside of the barrel.

4. Clean the Body

Go through the paintball gun’s manual and see if you can use a cloth to clean your gun. You can also use a toothbrush or cotton swab to reach other parts of the gun.

This is going to make sure that you properly clean the gun and prevent it from jamming.

5. Clean the Hammer and Bolt

Using a paper towel, you want to polish the hammer and bolt and then dry them. Look at the O-rings and see if they need to be cleaned too. If they’re badly damaged, then it’s in your best interest to replace them.

You can use a cotton swab to clean any dirt off of the grip frame. Just make sure that you don’t take apart the trigger assembly. This is because it can be very difficult to put the assembly back together.

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You also might affect the performance of the gun if you’re not experienced.

After you clean the grip frame, you want to dry it immediately.

6. Check the Batteries

If your batteries are old, then there’s a good chance that your gun will just stop operating in the middle of a game. You should replace your gun’s batteries regularly to make sure that everything performs as it’s supposed to.

7. Check the Paintball Gun For Damages

After every game, you’ll want to carefully inspect your gun and look for anything that looks like it needs to be fixed or replaced. If your O-rings are broken or dry then you need to replace them as soon as possible.

You also want to make sure that your O-rings are covering the air-tank.

8. Lubricate Parts

If you’ve dried and cleaned all of the parts of the paintball gun, you should to lubricate everything with care. Coat the O-rings lightly but make sure that you use an oil that’s recommended by the paintball gun’s manufacturer. This is the best way to make sure that you don’t accidentally damage the parts of your gun.

9. Reassemble the Gun

If you’re done inspecting and lubricating all of the parts of your gun, then it’s finally time to reassemble it. You want to use the manual to make sure that you have the correct order of assembly. And you want to make sure that you install all of the parts with the right screws and fasteners.

If you assemble your paintball gun correctly, then you can rest assured that it’s going to remain in good condition.

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Finding the right paintball gun can take a lot of work. So once you do find the right one, you want to make sure that you maintain it as best as you can.

The Importance of Knowing How to Clean a Paintball Gun

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better understanding of how to clean a paintball gun. As we can see, cleaning a paintball gun isn’t that difficult as long as you know what the steps are. The important thing that you need to do is constantly check the owner’s manual to make sure that you’re using all of the right tools and materials.

All of this will help ensure that your paintball gun serves you well for many years to come.

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