VLOOKUP operate is a built-in function in Excel that performs a vertical lookup or reference operate. It vertically seems to be up for a worth within the first column of a given sheet and returns the corresponding worth in the identical row from one other column. So principally, VLOOKUP command searches by means of the excel sheet primarily based on the distinctive identifier and presents the knowledge related to that distinctive identifier.

VLOOKUP syntax
= (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])

var randomNumber = Math.random();
var isIndia = (window.geoinfo && window.geoinfo.CountryCode === ‘IN’) && (window.location.href.indexOf(‘outsideindia’) === -1 );
//console.log(isIndia && randomNumber

right here,

Lookup worth = The worth to seek for or lookup within the first column of the desk. It shouldn’t be smaller than the smallest worth within the first column in any other case it might present error #N/A

Desk = Two or extra columns of the sheet that’s sorted in ascending order

Column Index Quantity = The column quantity in desk from which the matching worth should be returned. This quantity shouldn’t be better than the variety of columns within the table_array in any other case, it is going to present error #REF!.

Vary Lookup = That is elective worth. Enter FALSE to seek out an actual match or TRUE to seek out an approximate match. If this parameter is omitted, TRUE is the default.

Tips on how to use VLOOKUP in excel sheet?

VLOOKUP system can be utilized to seek out data in a spreadsheet. It’s used to seek out out knowledge that you do not know primarily based on the knowledge you will have. Test the instance given under for higher understanding:

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Step 1) Open the Excel sheet, for instance


Step 2) Now let’s attempt to discover ‘
Wage‘ of an individual named ‘

Step 3) Enter equal signal (=) in H column subsequent to ‘
Wage‘ cell and sort/choose ‘

Step 4) Now utilizing the VLOOKUP syntax =
(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]),

enter the arguments



The place,

Lookup Worth = H1 (the place the worth can be proven)

Desk = C2:E9 (on this sheet knowledge begins with C2 and ends at E9)

Column index quantity = 3 (this means that required lookup worth lies within the this column)

Vary Lookup = Sort ‘FALSE’ for precise quantity or kind ‘TRUE’ for an approximate match. Right here, we’ll kind ‘FALSE’ as we would like precise worth

Step 5) When you click on enter, it is going to present you the precise worth you might be in search of


You need to use the identical system to seek out out different values within the sheet.