Everything you need to know about Google Stadia
Everything you need to know about Google Stadia

What is Google Stadia how does it work? is it possible to play games from browser and have better experience than downloading apps to play or installing games or having games launcher and all these things in this video I’m going to explain you exactly how Google Stadia works and why it’s going to be successful.Stick with me and we’re gonna unveil this mystery.What is Google Stadia and how it works two questions we’re gonna answer right now let’s take a look a Single GPU versus Multi GPU we all know that Multi GPU is giving better performance better graphics that is given for all of us because we used to upgrade new PC in order to get better graphic and better performances for our games well Google wants to make the irtransition hardware independent that means that Google wants to transition from your home PC or your device, that’s running the game to their cloud to run the game and how they’re going to do this well take a look here you see all those red dots on the map, all those red dots represent theirGoogle Data Centers in these data centers they are computing power and all of them combined together create Google Cloud. Now they have more than 7500 Data Centers and they are filled with node’s. Node’s you can see in this picture are all those computers behind this guy on the screen and they are actually doing the computing power they are running your game when you are playing a game andyou’re not going to run the game anymore locally on your device whether it’s a phone PC or whatever you get is going to run there in the cloud and you’re just going to see the feed coming from that cloud. Now the feed they tested the project steam, they were able to have 1080p with 60 frames per second with stereo sound on the stream.

That we became now on the town of the lunch4k resolution so you were able to experience now if you try their Stadiayou are able to experience this in 4k and very soon they’re gonna have 8Kso that means this is moving in the right direction. You’re playing a game right now okay from your let’s say computer the games actually played in the cloud you just seeing that feed on your monitor. If you want to stream on YouTube or anywhere else I guess, that stream you don’t need to upload anymore you don’t need to have any more additional bandwidth that stream is all in the cloud and can be directly sent to YouTube and you start streaming very fast and very good quality for everybody in the ecosystem that’s what actually Google was able to make with these simultaneous streams and more and more people can watch and can stream together in the same game. Now the more people are playing the same game and the more people are watching the same game for example eSports or something like that you’re seeing here that more of that computing power is going to be taken and that more and more as more people driving more views more cloud computing it’s going to grow all those nodes that we were talking datacenter I’m going to be taken and more and more data centers are going to be consumed when some games are popular and have big audience.ok good so what is your platform of choice you may be familiar people usually talking aboutI’m gaining on my platform is PlayStation my platform is Xbox I’m on Steam I’m on PC I want mobile or something like that well in the future with Google Stadia now you are going to have your platform to be data center that means cloud the cloud is going to be your platform what you have in your hands doesn’t matter you can play from everywhere and have the same experience it only depends on your internet connection bandwidth and the screen size how you interact with the game.

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You might ask how is this possible google has partnered with AMD lead manufacturer of cloud computing and enterprise chip’s they are able to produce some phenomenal performances in the last four years they were beatingIntel completely in the enterprise chip manufacturing I’m not talking about consumer will only Intel has too many good i7th recently i8th ,whatever they were producing but in enterprise system these guys dominated and Google took them as a partner to create a new 10.7 teraflops one node in their data center that’s more powerful than PlayStation and Xbox combined they’re all using Linux and Vulkan as their operating systems. Unreal EngineUnreal and in belongs to the Epic Games that is part of their company I’m surprised to see them here but I’m also happy and Unity both of them are game developers tool’s of choice they’re the best engines for making games and I’m happy to see that these guys are going to work together with Google to port the games that it’s all games you have go be available probably on Google very soon many companies are rushing to Google support Google in this new direction that they are working with because they know Google has the users Google haveYouTube Google have the community over their players and if this executed properly I don’t see why not they’re gonna have a good success so what is the Stadia? That’s cloud. That is cloud computing. now you know at least some parts how it works so you might remember something like this when you have to download the game install a game update game and think well that’s all thing of the past okay if Google Stadia is widely accepted I believe something like this will be possible well you can simply see a game on YouTube go play and you will be joining the game immediately right of course you’r pull in your Google account to be a user in a game. That’severything you need to start a game in the future you can play on any screen of your choice so for example you could be playing on laptop on mobile you can play on tablet right it’s the same like mobile device you can play on PC and another thing that googling is introducing that that’s also very exciting is google controller this controller is special in one way because it’s in synced with Google products they have a special button for instant streaming on YouTube and they have battle for guide if you get lost in game and you don’t know how to go through some level you can call for the guide.

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So those things are quite interesting and we’ll see how they playoff once again I’m gonna play here this guy is playing this the same game he’sright now running somewhere and you’re going to see him to switch to mobile andcontinue where he left off in the laptop and you can see him here switching tothe PC and he’s going to pick off where he left off when he was playing on the mobile phone so that’s what Google Stadia is able to do no other platform would be able to provide such user experiences such ability for the gamesand if you pay close attention the guy’s going to no switch to the tablet andhe’s using the Google control we’re talking about just a minute ago and yousee that the traditions are so smooth between different platforms for the samegame and now finally he’s going to a TV there is no box there is no any devicesolution of beside a small Google I think USB plug-in andthat’s also something very very remarkable we heard a lot about thismany people are trying to do the same thing but I think this one will reallywork perfectly we have another thing here from Google that they introducedthat’s called stream connect this is envisioned to be something where on thesame screen we can have multiple players so for example two of my friends came tomy place we sit down next to each other we can share the same screensomebody from somewhere else can pull his stream to our screen so we seewhat’s happening on his screen and we can simply have morescreen sharing on one screen which  can be useful in somethingplayed games or something like that.

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