Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Movie Review, NO SPOILERS
Well this is it I’m in the car I’m about to see Endgame in just a few hours I’m gonna know how this game ends and will it live up to my expectations I’m so excited oh my gosh I am Telling You my mind is blown that movie was fantastic and I can tell you up here up front a-plus for Avengers Endgame. This is my spoiler free review for Avengers Endgame now the other day I put out that which was my expectations for the movie that was me kind of trying to structure how am I gonna do a spoiler free with review without giving away too much, and so I’m so glad I did that because it did help me find this structure so going back through the things that I was expecting did this movie meet my expectations oh yes it met my expectations and I’m telling you it exceeded my expectations so my first expectation was this that I would be glued to the screen for the entire three hours and two minutes that this movie was playing, and I was oh my gosh I was it didn’t feel like three hours and two minutes to me.


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I couldn’t get enough of it I mean it just hooked me in and just the first couple of minutes they just did a great job of pulling you right in bringing you right back to where we left off like a year ago like in terms of our feeling and emotions and walking out of the theater bringing us right back to that and engaging us in this story and the story was just flipp in fantastic and I’m gonna be very careful what I say here cuz I truly don’t want to give anything away, but they did a great job with this story they did a great job and great respect to all these characters that over the past 11 years now we’ve come to know, and we’ve come to love to put this infinity saga so it did great homage to the movies that have come before it did great homage to these characters it just did a fantastic job telling a story. Fight scenes oh my gosh this blew me away with the fight sequences and the action sequences that were in this movie I’m telling you jaw hitting the ground.

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I was ready to jump out of my chair and Cheer you might think I’m hyping this up but when you go watch this movie you will hit certain segments in these fight scenes you may like oh that’s what I am talking about because right now I want to like jump up and scream that so cool so like there is just a lot of cool stuff that they do with this movie twists that was my next thing that I was expecting I was expecting the unexpected I was hoping to find twists and turns in this movie that I didn’t see coming and I feel like I got that as I was watching the movie yeah like within certain scenes just kind of when you get to know the pattern of Marvel the pattern of these characters there’re certain things you could predict but nothing major nothing big in fact I’m so happy that the trailers showed basically nothing it gave nothing away I feel like you’re safe if you seen all of those trailers and you go into this movie there are surprises in store.


I really did enjoy that and my last expectation is that this would be my favorite MCU movie and it exceeded that expectation thus far from the MCU it is my favorite and it is my favorite simply because 11 years have built up to this 11 years I’ve built up to this moment if this movie was terrible with all of that build-up oh my gosh it would be awful, but they did a great job the Russo brothers did it they brought that balance that they brought an infinity war, and they brought that balance they brought in civil war where you have so many characters, but they brought that balance of how to break it down and continue these characters journeys give them great character arcs not just in this movie but from what we’ve seen over eleven years and to not be this overly massive complicated thing it was brilliant in my opinion the way the Russo brothers put it all together so there it is A plus I loved this movie.

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